From the Smokies and Blue Ridge Mountains to the beaches of the Outer Banks, the Tar Heel State's got plenty to keep you busy. That includes history and culture in places like Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Asheville, and Greensboro.

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Asheville one of '9 U.S. Small Towns and Cities with Big Music Chops'

Hundreds of people who were jammed into an amphitheater swayed and clapped their hands in time to music. Not far away, a much smaller crowd listened with rapt attention as a trio combined the sounds of mellow jazz with hip-hop. Music fans gather in large cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas to treat their ears to favorite melodies and harmonies. Others around the country enjoy their preferred tunes and performers where they live, or close by. read post  

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North Carolina in 'Barbecue in the USA: A Quick Primer'

Christian Geischeder In the United States, barbecue is a year-round treat, and many regions of the country – mostly in the South – have their own particular slant on the art of roasting, smoking, and saucing meats on a nice hot grill or in a smoker or pit. But summertime is especially barbecue time here, when BBQ cookouts are common. Here’s a quick primer of the top variations for those of you visiting soon. read post  

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Nifty North Carolina road trips: 5 scenic sights to visit by car

    One of the original 13 British colonies which first formed the United States, North Carolina is home to plenty of historic and cultural sites but also some breathtaking natural beauty, including national and state parks, and dozens of beaches along some 300 miles of coastline. Gorgeous barrier islands; gospel music; Piedmont blues music; two types of tasty barbecue; Cherokee Indian culture; roadside attractions (like the world's largest working frying pan) - there's plenty of cool stuff…

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From beaches to Blackbeard, shipwrecks to sand dunes, the Outer Banks have something for everyone

Gavin Haskell/ I stood frozen with fear, unable to move. The terrifying image drew closer, curved sword swinging wildly. Just as the fearsome swashbuckler seemed about to separate my head and body, I snapped back to reality; left my all-too-real daydream about Blackbeard the pirate behind; and moved on the next exhibit in the museum. The dramatic, somewhat grisly story of Blackbeard is but one display that transforms The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras into a…

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  • Skiing/snowboarding etc. certainly don't pop to mind for most of us when we think North Carolina, but Condé Nast Traveler just zeroed in on five winter resorts worth a visit:
    North Carolina Ski Resorts: The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Weekend Ski Trip
    Relatively mild weather and offerings for all ski levels make these five ski resorts well worth the trip.
  • Just recently, US News and World Report ranked the USA's best getaways for autumn - and guess what came in at the top of the list: none other than Asheville!
  • Turns out there's this dude in Durham who calls himself the "Black Bourbon Guy" conducts tastings and teaches cocktail classes featuring said spirit, along with a dose of lore, especially as to how its history is intertwined with black people dating back to the days of slavery. Just this week BBC Travel did an interesting piece about him:
    The untold history of black bourbon
    It's become undeniable that black people – once missing from American whiskey bars and in the telling of whiskey's story – have long played a role in…
  • When I lived in Miami, a number of my friends and acquaintances would head for vacations in Asheville (two couples even owned properties there), which is an oasis of blue, progressivism, and gay-friendliness in a state that despite having a Democratic governor still tilts too rightwing for my taste. But I digress - Asheville is known for its shopping, entertainment, and dining, and USA Today recently came out with a list of the town's ten best restaurants:
    Best places to eat in Asheville, North Carolina, according to chef John Fleer
    Experience the flavors of western North Carolina at Asheville's most beloved restaurants, as told by chef John Fleer.
  • Our thoughts and best wishes to the people and tourism industry of this wonderful state, still being ravaged by Hurricane Florence. At least one bright note, though: the Outer Banks amazingly report minimal damage from storm:


    Many residents who evacuated North Carolina's Outer Banks ahead of Hurricane Florence made their way Saturday back onto the barrier islands, a popular tourist destination spared from the worst of the storm's wrath.

    While other parts of the state were suffering catastrophic flooding from a storm that caused at least seven deaths, county officials and business owners on the low-lying islands reported relatively minimal damage, and there were no immediate reports of injuries or fatalities.

  • There is an abundance of outdoor activities in NC

  • Thanks, Darryl. And Sherry, I clicked on this link; very useful. 

  • Just walking around downtown exploring local boutiques and restaurants is fun. Definitely visit the Biltmore while there. I also love Chimney Rock and Lake Lure which is just a short drive from Asheville.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway...try to get to the top of the 2 big peaks there.  Clingman's Dome and Mount Mitchell. It's fun to ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad in Bryson City, about 50 miles to the west and there's good minor league baseball and Saturday night NASCAR racing in Hickory to the east.

  • My wife and I may be heading to Asheville in a few days. Any tips?

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