Journeys in the land of the First People, in the USA and Canada

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Getting to know the USA'st original tribal peoples

AleksandarNikic As most of us know, today is Columbus Day in the United States and other countries, and Indigenous People's Day in much of Latin America, marking the 528th anniversary of the Christopher Columbus expedition's first landing in the Americas (actually 12 October), on the coast of Hispaniola, the Caribbean island home to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Of course, many of the Amerindian tribes that were already living here when the Spaniards arrived are still part of the…

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They were here before...

Most history text book begin with the arrival of the Europeans on the American soil. Actually, millions of people were here before! Enjoy this one-day tour of Santa Fe to discover what was going on before the Spanish set foot on this beautiful land. "In the Beginning there was Kuapogi" is about history from a Native perspective.

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  • Recently came across this in BBC Travel. The Iniskim Umaapi medicine wheel, on a windswept hill on the prairie of remote southern Alberta near Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, dates back some 5,000 years. It's a fascinating tale - read it here:
    Iniskim Umaapi: Is this Canada's 'Stonehenge'?
    Built by ancient Indigenous People and long considered to be sacred, the Iniskim Umaapi medicine wheel in Alberta is one of the oldest religious monu…
  • During the summer most pueblos held their ceremonial dances where respectful and conscious travelers are welcome to watch. The whole state of New Mexico comes alive over the warm months and offers numerous events that are truly unique.

    The Pueblo culture goes back over ten thousand years and the elaborate ceremonies are rooted in the ancestor’s knowledge and beliefs and are a genuine religious expression. Every part of the costumes, from masks to colors, retains a specific significance that also guides their steps and movements.

  • This is a very unique tour combining art and sustainability and includes some outstanding Native American artists and experts Summary of the tour Art and Sustanability Tour
  • Among the many sites and Pueblo villages what is particularly touching is seeing petroglyphs or pictographs on rocks in daraway places. Some are gigantic and stunning and make you wonder about the civilization that did them

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