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  • Filling buses and itineraries continues to be a struggle for operators of day tours even as the latest wave of Covid eases, but many U.S. day-tour operators believe 2022 will finally see a rebound in the fortunes of group tours:
    Hard-hit day-tour operators optimistic about 2022 rebound: Travel Weekly
    Filling buses and itineraries continues to be a struggle, but day-tour companies say that a new day may be dawning as the omicron variant subsides.
  • Letter of Request


    Dear Sir/ Madam:


    It is a great pleasure for me to extend my greeting to you on behalf of our company Amran Ethiopia Tour and Travel Agency.  Basing its head office in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Amran has come to be one of the very renowned companies on the tour and travel industry.


    I am, therefore, writing this request letter hoping there could be a possibility for us to work together – being partners. Forming a partnership with us, your company will have a much easier access to the wonderful tourist sites in Ethiopia. For we have quite an adequate equipment that the tour industry necessitates, you partnership would certainly be of a great benefit.


    Services that any tourist may require have always been ready; waiting to satisfy their needs. Tour guiding, ticketing, hotel room booking, car renting are few of the services that our company provides. Modern and comfortable vehicles that are friendly to the country’s climate are available. Our tour guides speak English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Russian with fluency.


    Our company, as you will soon realize, has immense potential on the tour and travel industry. Therefore, I have attached the sample packages of our tour and travel services hoping that it will give you a more elaborated sight in to the company’s massive potential.


    My heartfelt gratitude is in advance for your consideration of our company to be your partner on our effort towards excellence.





    Sincerely yours,


    Bruik Tariku, Managing Director

  • It's the first day in the year. We wish you all the best as we set off to take on the challenges of this new year. 2011 had its fair share of ups and downs but we survived, we made it through and we are still standing. We are even more prepared for the Battle of 2012... Stay focused keep your head up as we continue to move forward..... happy 2012 everyone........

  • Hi there! We are a lodging facility based in the Glacier National Park area of NorthWest Montana, USA.  Growing rapidly even in the current economic climate our area is hugely popular with tourists but has yet to be marketed as a four season destination.  Yes, that means winter sports minus the high prices and crowded slopes and with guaranteed snow!! We are actively seeking international tour operators/travel agents to work with us and other local businesses to help spread the word.  Contact us at for further info and discounted rates.  Fam trips welcomed and media articles encouraged!
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