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The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022

The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022If you want to boost your travel writing skills to a new level this workshop is for you. We'll focus on travel writing and photography - how to write exciting travel stories and create photo galleries that editors will love. This interactive course features lectures, writing exercises, in-the-field tours, group readings & discussions, and hands-on experience. You’ll also receive on-on-one feedback and…

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Seeking editor/writer with good Spanish for corporate travel/tourism blog

Our company is seeking a part-time editor to handle the English-language blog of a major travel/tourism client, which involves writing (and sometimes proposing) four or so original posts in English and translating about an equivalent number of posts from the Spanish blog. Native English speaker required, as well as very good Spanish for purposes of translation as well as dealing with client contacts. For more details, please write to me at dappell@tinkle.lat.

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Fodor's Travel Seeking Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro Writers

Fodor's Travel is looking for writers for the upcoming edition of our Croatia guidebook, specifically concerning the following regions: -Split and Central Dalmatia -Zadar and Northern Dalmatia -Kvarner and the Northern Adriatic Islands -Istria -Zagreb and Inland Croatia -Slovenia -Montenegro Fodor's is a leading guidebook brand for American travelers with more than 300 titles covering most corners of the globe (www.fodors.com). If you are working in the above areas, or know any…

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  • Hi all,

    I've recently started blogging about travel and as a relative beginner, would love any comments, suggestions, etc. I'm always looking for new ideas as well as simply just chatting with other travel bloggers! My blog can be found at sandctravel.blogspot.com, through the RSS feed on my page, as well as the link on my page. Let me know if you'd like to exchange links!

    Sand & C Travel
    Travel Blog

  • Fancy spending a week on a tropical beach all-expenses paid?

    Ever had a dream about being part of a tribe and living the tribal life?

    Interested in sustainable development technologies?

    Have an interest in local heritage?

    Wouldn't mind participating in the following activities: sunbathing, building, swimming, cooking, canoeing upriver, trekking, fishing, beach football, skill sharing, teaching, drumming, bonfires, and eating great seafood?

    Have an urge to be the first to discover a new destination?

    Want to make a difference in a country looking to change its image?

    If your answer to one of the questions above is YES, then why not check out Tribewanted Sierra Leone's prize draw. For more information and to enter the 'sweepstake', click here.

  • God bless the French! I have long thought we are in need of fashion police. Have you noticed how badly dressed we are as a society?

    People are either walking billboards for a store, a brand, a place or a sports team. Why? Or they have simply given up caring because they've gotten so fat.

    I should say that I have just spent the weekend with a French friend. I have never seen any man with so many shoes.

    As someone who spends a lot of time in the UK, asking British rugby fans to wear shirts is a kindness to others. It spares us bad and/or rude tattoos and belly buttons that almost drag on the ground.

    As for the Burqa, I am in complete agreement. This is a case of both respect for women and security. Some women may wish to wear the burqa, but how many others are forced to do so? We hear stories about life in Islamic countries where fashion/religious police will stop and beat women whose burqas aren't longer enough.

    Then it comes to travel. I can't get on a plane without showing a picture ID, so why should they have special treatment? I see rabbis and priests and ministers who have to show photo IDs. And when I vote I need to prove who I am before I can mark my X. Shouldn't they also have to do that to avoid the opportunity for multiple voting?

    If people who come from a background that expects/demands the wearing of a burqa, well, they have the choice not to visit or live in a country that bans the wearing of it. There are places which still allow it. The choice is there, it just may not be what they want. But then, society makes demands on all of us that we may not want or agree with. Gay people can't marry in many parts of the US - isn't that a loss of freedom and basic rights?

    Restaurants want us to wear shoes when dining. Is that a damper on freedom of expression or a matter of taste and hygiene?

    Saturday evening we stopped (quite late) to solve a milkshake craving. There was an annoying child banging on a table, disturbing people. We drew this to the mother's attention. She barked back that her daughter was just being a normal six-year-old. We countered that a normal six-year-old was in bed before midnight. (It wasn't the kid's fault that she has a bad parent.)

    Face it, some people really need a lot of direction in life.
  • An issue near and dear to travel journalists: Is France violating freedom of expression? Just read on eTurboNews that Perpignan has become the latest city to fine people who don't dress appropriately in public (read: shirtless British rugby fans). Add this to the recent hoo-hah over France's banning of the Islamic burqa, and you're left wondering what the heck to wear in the land of Hermès: on the one hand, the fashion police doesn't want you to bare too much skin, but on the other hand, don't cover it up too much either.

    How long before we see gendarmes fining hapless tourists for not wearing cufflinks on alternate Thursdays?

    Is dress a valid form of self-expression, comparable to freedom of speech? Especially in a religious context? And should government have any role in dictating how we dress?
  • Just read Kaleel Sakakeeny's thought-provoking blog post about the BBC's new travel site in partnership with Lonely Planet. Kaleel wonders if it's original enough (yet another roundup of the best Greek islands, that sort of thing), and this is an important issue I think about often: in an over-saturated era, where it seems just about everything has been covered from just about every angle, is there any room left for original travel media or content?

    Lucky Arthur Frommer, who once upon a time wrote Europe on $5 a Day, and that concept was fresh and original. But today, in our market, what do you think would constitute originality? Is it even possible to achieve? And if true originality is not possible, how can we make our writing stand out from the tens of thousands of travel bloggers and journalists out there?
  • New on our blog: a look at the BBC's new travel site.
  • Hey I wanted to know ya'll thoughts on my blog about traveling. Please let me know what ya'll think. I will deeply be greatful.

    Traveling Goddess
  • Just a reminder of this press trip to Portland, ME http://ifwtwa.com/2010/07/maine-in-the-fall-is-lobsters-and-leaf-pe....
  • Hi Sarah. I updated one of the Fodor's London guides (updating for Fodor's is basically rewriting!) I'd be happy to speak with you, if this fits your needs.
  • I need to interview a writer who has written a guidebook or app on Great Britain. Know of anyone?
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