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The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022

The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022If you want to boost your travel writing skills to a new level this workshop is for you. We'll focus on travel writing and photography - how to write exciting travel stories and create photo galleries that editors will love. This interactive course features lectures, writing exercises, in-the-field tours, group readings & discussions, and hands-on experience. You’ll also receive on-on-one feedback and…

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Seeking editor/writer with good Spanish for corporate travel/tourism blog

Our company is seeking a part-time editor to handle the English-language blog of a major travel/tourism client, which involves writing (and sometimes proposing) four or so original posts in English and translating about an equivalent number of posts from the Spanish blog. Native English speaker required, as well as very good Spanish for purposes of translation as well as dealing with client contacts. For more details, please write to me at dappell@tinkle.lat.

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Fodor's Travel Seeking Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro Writers

Fodor's Travel is looking for writers for the upcoming edition of our Croatia guidebook, specifically concerning the following regions: -Split and Central Dalmatia -Zadar and Northern Dalmatia -Kvarner and the Northern Adriatic Islands -Istria -Zagreb and Inland Croatia -Slovenia -Montenegro Fodor's is a leading guidebook brand for American travelers with more than 300 titles covering most corners of the globe (www.fodors.com). If you are working in the above areas, or know any…

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  • Yes i agree - it's a bit rude having a conversation about media only stuff and a big PR blurb is dropped into the mix - it put me off. We all need to promote but the purpose of this site and media only section should be to feel welcome to comment and learn from other journos not to be used as a target from PR people - who actually want something for free!
  • Susan I so agree with your "do not post" comment. Let's keep this discussion for true professionals.
  • Thank you, Susan, for your comment. I was not talking about obvious reasons for non-delivery described by you, but about professional misconduct that can be displayed by experienced writers as well as inexperienced ones. I met experienced writers from very reputable pubs on trips and they told me they were not even considering a story, but were there for a ride, since their mag receives bundles of invites from all over. Nice. My point was ridiculing one subgroup ("inexperienced writers are a hoot!") within a professional group is... not professional? I just tried to point out that it all depends on personality, not on years of experience.
  • Attention Adriane Berg:

    We are professional writers. We do not "donate" articles to for-profit entities.

    Desist posting your requests for free content on this site. Please.
  • Emma: As a journalist, I do NOT have an "obligation to write and publish a story" about a hosted trip! As has been noted ad nauseum, sometimes trips aren't "worth" a story (mostly because the hype doesn't match up with what's actually delivered) and sometimes publications change their minds about articles (or go out of business). There is an expectation, of course (otherwise I wouldn't waste my time) but there is absolutely NO obligation!
  • For you, Colin -- re Peruvian food: http://www.uncorneredmarket.com/2010/01/peruvian-food-more-than-jus...
  • I should clarify when I do hotel/resort site inspections it's for the corporate market, so my readers are meeting planners and incentive houses. I very rarely include hotels in my articles for independent travellers.
  • Regarding room inspections: Understandably, the media reps want to show off a property's best rooms, but in order to compare apples to apples, I always ask to see the basic, standard, cheapest double in each hotel, and I try to discourage visits to the Presidential Suite.
  • Most of my travel is solo, so I'm used to one-offs. I have no objection to site inspections as part of a group. But in either case, I want it quick and simple. Show me too many rooms and I forget what the first looked like. A bedroom, a suite, meeting space, spa and pool area and out. Don't introduce me to all the staff, I won't remember, and it eats into time.

    A friend of mine who is a meeting planner says if he sees more than 20 minutes scheduled for a site inspection he skips it or walks out after 20 minutes. It sounds cruel, but if you see 13 hotels in a day (as some places have scheduled), you really can't recall anything. A professional who is used to looking at spaces and flow can quickly see what they need to see. It needn't be dragged out.
  • Just a quick question. When visiting a property do VJ's (visiting journalists) prefer one-offs as opposed to press trips. As a pr-pro with several decades of experience I've always done one-offs. I know I don't have all the answers so your insights would be appreciated.
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