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The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022

The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022If you want to boost your travel writing skills to a new level this workshop is for you. We'll focus on travel writing and photography - how to write exciting travel stories and create photo galleries that editors will love. This interactive course features lectures, writing exercises, in-the-field tours, group readings & discussions, and hands-on experience. You’ll also receive on-on-one feedback and…

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Seeking editor/writer with good Spanish for corporate travel/tourism blog

Our company is seeking a part-time editor to handle the English-language blog of a major travel/tourism client, which involves writing (and sometimes proposing) four or so original posts in English and translating about an equivalent number of posts from the Spanish blog. Native English speaker required, as well as very good Spanish for purposes of translation as well as dealing with client contacts. For more details, please write to me at dappell@tinkle.lat.

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Fodor's Travel Seeking Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro Writers

Fodor's Travel is looking for writers for the upcoming edition of our Croatia guidebook, specifically concerning the following regions: -Split and Central Dalmatia -Zadar and Northern Dalmatia -Kvarner and the Northern Adriatic Islands -Istria -Zagreb and Inland Croatia -Slovenia -Montenegro Fodor's is a leading guidebook brand for American travelers with more than 300 titles covering most corners of the globe (www.fodors.com). If you are working in the above areas, or know any…

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  • Judy, I think that is a great idea. IFWTWA is going to do that starting 2010 so some of us don't feel compelled to carry those who don't put in enough. If you can't afford the tips, don't go. Our VP and I discussed during our last trip and decided it would solve a lot of difficulties.
  • Absolutely, by all means and yes! If I were to receive a comp stay, I would strongly feel that the human and honorable thing to do is to tip (based on good service, of course), as one would anywhere else. The chamberperson (is that a word?) has no idea who's staying in the room, and relies on tips to supplement their baseline salaries. It's not their fault that you're getting it free.

    That being said, many if not most travel journalists subscribe to the "don't ask/don't tell" school of comps, as there are still newspapers and publications that insist that their journalists never ever accept a freebie. So we can't expect too many writers will openly admit to accepting hotel comps, for fear of losing what few gigs are left out there.

    So hypothetically, guys, if you were one of those journalists who might consider accepting a comp stay, would you tip? Or not?
  • I always ask what's covered and not if they don't volunteer that info. As I said on the original forum, I've worked with a PR practitioner who sets a total for gratuities for all, including housekeeping, and lets everyone who shows an interest in her fams that it is to be paid in advance of taking the trip. Solves all the problems withstiffers or less than generous tippers.
  • Mary Jo, we also ask that question. Then we tell people that the tips are or are not covered. But you are right, housekeeping rarely is covered.
  • Absolutely we should tip!

    Occasionally the tip may be included in the event, but I always ask the organizer just to be certain. Although I've found that servers are often covered, hotel maids rearely are.
  • It is the policy of IFWTWA to tip hotel staff--housekeeping, bellmen, food service, etc. They are minimum wage workers who depend on tips. The hotel generally does not tip them for providing you service. I know that adds to a writer's expenses, and pay is lower than ever, but service help should not be punished for having us. Better they sing our praises. I've seen writers be very cheap in this area, and I personally find it inexcusable.
  • In the past couple of days on the LinkedIn "Travel Media Pros" forum, a question posted by new Tripatini member Sylvie Laitre (Mexico Boutique Hotels) sparked an interesting debate. The question was: "Should travel journalists tip hotel staff when on press trips?" Would be great to get some feedback here, as well!
  • Hey, if anyone wants to read fun travel stories and travel news, both domestic and international, check out my blog at www.examiner.com/x-10339-adventure-travel-examiner. Select me as one of your favorite examiners and you'll get an automatic update when there are new posts. Thanks!
  • We'd certainly love to, Elinor, but it overlaps with London for us, so we had to choose between the two. A New York City event, however, is coming up, so please stay tuned!
  • It might be interesting to have a soiree in NYC next week (similar to London get-together)- at the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show (Javits). Dates: November 8-10, 2009
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