What things are you doing differently (or at all) these days as our industry continues to change and shift?


I have just launched an e-book publishing company, called Dancing Traveller Media. We publish "travel e-books filled with interesting narratives, quirky people and colourful places." Our first book, Jordan: A Different Middle East has just been released. We'll see how this new project goes!


What are the adjustments you're making?

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  • I agree with the comments so far that marketing is key. As writers who are stepping out and adding entrepreneurial aspects to our careers, this is a whole new skill set. I try to focus the majority of my energy on writing, but I'm finding there are lots of other things that are taking up my time now... I guess the challenge is to manage that balance so we don't lean too far away from the writing itself. 
  • Kids Love Travel has e-books now and they, like Amazon, report a slightly higher buy rate vs. print versions in our online store. Don't ever become an author these days without also committing to marketing. I have always been a parent first, author second, marketer/PR a close third. It helps if you love your subject and have a passion for being social about it.
  • I am adjusting the same way you are, since I am thinking of following that path with a travel/memoir on Morocco with photos, and publishing it on e-book platforms. I am about to take the jump after 9 cookbooks published by conventional publishers. It's exciting and scary.  I'd love to know how you do! Good luck to you!


    Kitty Morse, author

    Cooking at the Kasbah: Recipes from my Moroccan Kitchen


  • I think that is a great endeavor and hope you do a lot to market it. I am sure many would send submissions, if you could lay out a joint marketing plan involving publisher and author. In my own experience, the shortfall with many wonderful books, is the lack of marketing.
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