Hi everyone. I'm a journalist in northeast Pennsylvania who writes for a number of clients in a freelance (1099) capacity. I'm wondering if there's any reason to create an LLC, etc..., for tax purposes, or any others? My New Year's resolution for 2012 is to get my freelance house in order. Looking forward to hearing your responses.

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  • I set up a LLC for every biz i start. It costs $125 in Ohio. Reason: i've been self-employed for 20 years and it always looks more credible to form a LLC for tax and liability issues. It's almost like an insurance. If someone did come after your work and sue you, they can only come after your business assets, not personal. At least not easily. It also shows the irs that you take your biz seriously and are planning to keep accurate records.

  • Hi, I've been facing this issue myself for 2011 since I have one client who declares me on the 1099.  There are reasons to consider the LLC option depending on the amount and type of deductions you may want to claim.  I've had some prior experience in creating LLC's myself doing corporate work in a past day job, so the process is not a huge mystery to me. If you like, send me a PM and I'll share more with you there on all that. 

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