• Hi,

    Thanks for the tips - am loving the review on the Winding Stair as I have been by there many times on previous trips to Dublin and have never actually been in. Great to hear its worth a look so shall see if I have a spot in my schedule for it.

    If your local writer, Jessica, has a twitter account I'd love to hear her personal faves. Get her to tweet @thetraveleditor so I can check them out while I'm over there. Otherwise she can pop me an email at and I can get in touch with her personally.

    Thanks alot,
  • Hi MIchele ---

    Take a read at PlanetEye Traveler (, and go to the drop down for Europe, then Dublin. Our local expert there, Jessica, has all sorts of local tips. She got some fun local cafe ideas as well as some FREE activities for when the Euros run low.
  • Michelle,

    Dublin is one of my favorite cities in the world! Beautiful, trendy, and unfortunately pretty damn EXPENSIVE! I recently wrote a post about "Why I Love Spending Time in Dublin". You might want to check it out in order to get some cool ideas on things to see during your visit to Dublin.

    Enjoy yourself!

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