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The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022

The Ultimate Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Charleston, South Carolina, June 18-21, 2022If you want to boost your travel writing skills to a new level this workshop is for you. We'll focus on travel writing and photography - how to write exciting travel stories and create photo galleries that editors will love. This interactive course features lectures, writing exercises, in-the-field tours, group readings & discussions, and hands-on experience. You’ll also receive on-on-one feedback and…

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Seeking editor/writer with good Spanish for corporate travel/tourism blog

Our company is seeking a part-time editor to handle the English-language blog of a major travel/tourism client, which involves writing (and sometimes proposing) four or so original posts in English and translating about an equivalent number of posts from the Spanish blog. Native English speaker required, as well as very good Spanish for purposes of translation as well as dealing with client contacts. For more details, please write to me at dappell@tinkle.lat.

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Fodor's Travel Seeking Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro Writers

Fodor's Travel is looking for writers for the upcoming edition of our Croatia guidebook, specifically concerning the following regions: -Split and Central Dalmatia -Zadar and Northern Dalmatia -Kvarner and the Northern Adriatic Islands -Istria -Zagreb and Inland Croatia -Slovenia -Montenegro Fodor's is a leading guidebook brand for American travelers with more than 300 titles covering most corners of the globe (www.fodors.com). If you are working in the above areas, or know any…

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  • For a somewhat different persepctive on travel, have a look at these black Instagram influencers: https://madamenoire.com/1310975/7-black-travel-influencers-to-follo...
    7 Black Travel Influencers To Follow On IG
    Following her page is like getting a sneak peek into the VIP travel life
  • A pretty interesting piece just came out in the Washington Post on the future of travel guidebooks post pandemic (if that's what you can call the period we're in), including imput from Rick Steves and my old friend and onetime colleague Pauline Frommer: https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2022/03/04/guidebooks-travel-...
    Travel guidebooks aren’t dead, but they’ll never be the same. Maybe that’s a good thing.
    Rapidly changing guidebook styles can tell us a lot about the evolution of travel.
  • Fear of ‘C’ (China/Covid/Corona) virus. Ask, do I want to be in a crowded airport, take a flight wearing a mask, be in another crowded airport, perhaps in a country with lesser health controls, stay at an all-inclusive resort, line up at food buffets, join a tour bus with another 30+people, board a gigantic cruise ship with 1000’s of other travellers, land at ports for more crowded tours, get on a train, stay in ginormous hotels or visit countries that do not have acceptable health, safety and security systems in place?

    The fear of ‘C’ is now present with many of us. I believe there will be a tremendous rejection of inbound Chinese tours which use the bus, train, boat, plane to visit our villages, towns, cities, cultural sites, parks and wilderness areas in large groups (often wearing face-masks). And, do we want to travel to China? 

    Finally, will insurance companies be 'fearful' of offering suitable and affordable coverage for 'all' age groups?

    We are still open to SME travel biz to list/link FOC direct booking offers by destinations and activities. TTTC is an excellent resource for travellers to plan for when the fear of ‘C’ has dissipated. This is a mktg and promo opp. to consider for post ‘C’ sales.

  • A Special Invitation to a Public Flogging.
    Travel is fun, flogging travel is fun, so let’s have fun.
    We are introducing tour flogging experiences so please come and get flogged and stay in one of our many floggee hotels etc available at this tour flogging link where you can get flogged by tour guide floggers.
    Take a goodly gander at our flogging tours, flogging accomms and adventure and activity flogs all over this tiny planet. Flogging cruises and safaris also take place and are enjoyed by most floggees at - www.thetoptravelclub.com/special-invitation.
    Our members have been flogged and new members will be flogged but as newbies they get 50% off but they do get the full flog not just a half flog. 
    We offer custom flogging with our Travel Affiliate Program where wannabe floggers will get full ‘no cost’ training for our flogging program and will be shown ‘How to Flog’ and ‘How to Improve Flogging’ by our Flogaffiliate Manager.
    We also believe that there are many bloggers who want to be floggers and influencers who may want to influence our flogging techniques but are too shy to go public as yet but to cure their shyness they can find out more from our Flogaffiliate link.
    Apologies if this flogration was too much of a flog to get through.
    Tony Humphrey, FCA (Flogging Control Agent)

  • Dear All,

    You guys looking for an art tour and a special sightseeing Hanoi trip that combine of  visiting the fine art museum, local art galleries, meeting the well known local artists or meeting with the city art collectors, please visit our gallery and request us for this trip at: http://vietnamarts.vn/en/

    Thanks and do look forward to serving your trip soon in Hanoi

  • While it was a bit light for a year of travel, it was an epic year in our lives with some major changes. Read all about it in our Year in Review at The World on Wheels.

    Year in Review 2018
    This year was a huge year for me. In March, I ended my 30 year career at the United States Attorney's Office for the Central District of ...
  • Travelling to Ninh Binh

    Ninh Binh is around 100 kilometers to the South from Hanoi city, visitors can go there by different means like: by train, buses, private cars or even motorbikes.

    In case you travel to Ninh Binh by coach, there are dozens of trips for every single day, departing from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm , provided by coach owners. Some good brandnames are  Cuong Hung, Cat Loi, Vu Thuong, Gia Minh, Hien Tinh, etc…It takes around 2 hours to travel to Ninh Binh, and the price ticket is around 80.000 VND/a person.

    If you visit Ninh Binh by your own means, for instance, by motorbike or by car, you can follow Gia Phong street, go through Giap Bat Station, turn into Phap Van-Cau Gie highway, continue following Phu Ly direction, then you reach Ninh Binh. It takes not over 90 minutes to arrive Ninh Binh province.

    Check it out : Things To Do in Ninh Binh


    For Traveller who would like to travel to Ninh Binh by Motorbike: Ninh Binh 2 Days 1 Night Tour by Motorbike

    From Hanoi, you can rental motorbike here


  • We are Local Trekking, Tour, Hiking And Yoga meditation operator in Nepal. we welcome you for incredible Himalayas Treks, Tours and Yoga meditation Throughout Nepal, Bhutan And Tibet.  http://www.nepalholidaytreksandtours.com 

  • Hi everyone!

    Today, I want to share a little bit about one interesting destination in my country VIetnam, the place I had a chance to visit and wanna come back if I have a long weekend =)))

    That's Ninh Binh, the province famous for Trang An boat ride, Tam Coc boat ride and natural reserves.


    If you still wonder what activities you can do in Ninh Binh, maybe this article is helpful

    Things to do in Ninh Binh - 7 activities you shouldn't miss includes:

    1. Enjoy Tam Coc and Trang An on boat trip


    You will have the chance to get along with local paddling the boat along the river and through caves. On this trip, peaceful paddy fields will spring in front of you firstly and I am sure you will get overwhelmed with this beauty.

    2. Get overwhelmed with Bai Dinh temple spiritual and cultural complex


    Bai Dinh pagoda is constructed on a hillside to you will have to climb numerous steps. It will be a great travel spot for you since you wish to explore one of the prominent pagodas in Vietnam.

    3. Explore the old capital in Vietnam - Hoa Lu

    4. Visit Phat Diem Cathedral

    5. Challenge your health with Mua Cave

    6. Trekking in Cuc Phuong Natural Reserve

    7. Delicious Ninh Binh food!

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