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Where to Get Ergonomic Office Stuff in Dublin?

Greetings! My younger sister recently moved to Dublin because of some official duties. Before her transfer to Dublin, we arrange the apartment and further stuff, but now, we are noticing that office furniture is not much support for her back. Or we can also say she is habitual of ergonomic office stuff and wants the same for her Dublin office.  In this regard, we have visited many online stores, but honestly, office stuff prices are high there. According to my father, it is a better idea to…

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Ireland's national cemetery, Glasnevin in Dublin

If this was not in fact the highest point in Dublin, it certainly felt like it. After climbing the 198 steps to the top of Glasnevin Cemetery's Daniel O’Connell Tower (below) -  Ireland's highest round tower - I was able to gaze over the entire city, laid out almost like a map. It stretched from the western limits, past the airport to the north, by way of the Hill of Howth, the Irish Sea and the Liffey River mouth round to the Dublin Mountains in the south. This amazing revelation was the…

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Kinsale, jewel of Ireland's south coast

With its deep water harbour and a population of a bit over 5,200, the town of Kinsale in County Cork has been an important sea port for more than 1,500 years. St Multose founded a monastery here in the 6th century, and the early Celtic settlement that grew up around the estuary was later supplanted by a Viking trading post. The Normans fortified the town in the 13th century, and over the next 200 years it developed as a centre for fishing and shipbuilding. read post

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  • Hi everyone =) John and I are heading to Ireland this week for a three-week road trip. Will be blogging about it, of course. If anyone has tips for must-see/do activities or would like to meet up, please drop us a line. Cheers, Andrea
  • Anyone heading to the Dublin Web Summit tomorrow?  I'll be there on behalf of Secondwheel, a new bikesharing community website.  Please track me down if you're going!  I'll be turning Twitter notifications on for the day, so feel to tweet me:  Cheers!
  • Ruth If you want to see some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world Go to Dingle .It also has over two thousand ancient monuments.One of them is also the highest ring fort in Europe.I bring tourists there  every two weeks during the touring season.During the winter I try to get down there for a week in every month.I'll put some photos up on the site next week.John Benny has made great improvements to his menu
  • Yes Allan ,you are quite right. Dingle is on most tours of the south west of Ireland.Tours will spend two nights in Killarney and from there will tour the ring of Kerry on one day and the Dingle peninsula on the next day,before setting out either for The Cliffs of Moher or south east to Cork.As for the singing there are some great music pubs in Killarney town.
  • Now, the last time I was in western Ireland, I spent a couple of nights in Killarney and there were several bus companies which used the hotel I was at. Most evenings I made my way around the town's pubs which were filled with singin'-their-hearts-out bus groups. They all seemed to have done the Dingle loop. That was two years ago. I don't know if things have changed since then.
  • Reading itineraries of the major tour companies that do Ireland.  I have friends/clients that did a fly/drive to Ireland (before I got them)and when I asked if they went to Dingle replied "No, everyone here said there was nothing there to see".  While I am glad to see an awarenes program for Dingle, I also have mixed emotions about it being the next "must go" in Ireland.
  • I don't know what you're reading, but the Dingle is featured in virtually every article written about the Irish countryside. Geez, I think I've done about seven pieces on it and included it in others. It's beautiful and well-known. If anything, I was afraid editors were getting a little tired of it.
  • I agree about Dingle - Kodak moments everywhere and friendly people plus lunch at John Bennies..  Sadly overlooked by most tour companies.  I go every chance I can get.     Another sadly overlooked experience is the National Irish Folk Theatre in Tralee.  I have been twice and plan to go again during my upcoming tour (my 13th) in April.  Singing and Dancing and sometimes tearjerking and all in Gaelic.  We are given a Cheat Sheet but you don't really need it - you will understand every word, movement and emotion.
  • thanks Allie, that is a huge compliment. I thought it was one of the most dramatic and beautiful places I had ever seen too. And thanks for the tip about the Dingle peninsular Michael..I will put it on my go to list for the next time I'm in Ireland. And apologies to all for my 'Island' typo!!
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