Shovel bum or history buff, if exploring the past is a big part of travel's allure for you, here's how to save while doing it, from hamming it up in the stocks at Colonial Williamsburg to treading (& even digging up) the stones of ancient ruins.

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In Egypt, in awe - of 6,000 years of history

Victor Block   I’m in Cairo on a hotel balcony overlooking the Nile River, a fantasy destination I’ve heard about my whole life - and at long last I’m here. I needed to take a minute and revel in that. And recognize that thanks to Overseas Adventure Travel’s (OAT) "Ancient Egypt and the Nile River Tour" I was about to begin a magical journey through 6,000 years of history. And then accept the hard truth. How do you capture 6,000 years of history in 1,200 words, the limit that many travel…

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History front and center as San Juan celebrates its 500th anniversary   El Viejo San Juan is the core of one of the Americas' oldest still existing cities, and this year Puerto Rico has been marking the 500th anniversary of its founding in 1521 by Juan Ponce de León (of Florida Fountain of Youth fame). Its strategic location made it the first stop of many merchant and military ships traveling from Spain to the rest of the empire's colonies, so it's packed not just with the requisite cobblestone streets, plazas and charming Spanish colonial…

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  • Our first new trip report at The World on Wheels for 2015. Today, we follow along one of the most gruesome and infamous events in California history. We're Following History on the Donner Pass.

    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • Rare Jewish Coins from 1st Century Discovered

    An archaeological excavation along the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway revealed a previously unknown settlement from the Late Second Temple period -- including a rare hoard of coins that was found in one of its houses. The hoard, which was kept in a ceramic money box, included 114 bronze coins dating to the Year Four of the Great Revolt against the Romans. This revolt led to the destruction of the Temple on Tisha B’Av (the ninth day of the month of Av) c. 2,000 years ago. 

    According to excavation directors, “The hoard, which appears to have been buried several months prior to the fall of Jerusalem, provides us with a glimpse into the lives of Jews living on the outskirts of Jerusalem at the end of the rebellion. Evidently someone here feared the end was approaching and hid his property, perhaps in the hope of collecting it later when calm was restored to the region”. All of the coins are stamped on one side with a chalice and the Hebrew inscription “To the Redemption of Zion” and on the other side with a motif that includes a bundle of lulav between two etrogs. Around this is the Hebrew inscription “Year Four”, that is, the fourth year of the Great Revolt of the Jews against the Romans (69/70 CE). 

  • our travel agent in Cusco Peru

    If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation, and would like to see Machu Picchu, Cuzco, or another part of Peru, we offer a wide variety of tours and packages all over the country! Peru has a diversity of destinations with different things to see and do. Peru is and has long been very culturally diverse, resulting in a rich history and an exquisite cuisine.  The country also has many different geographical regions and diverse climates.  Go ahead and look through our tours and packages to see what there is for you! Remember that you can personalize any of our best tours of Machu Picchu or travel packages, just contact us and our travel experts will help you plan the trip of a lifetime!.

    We specialize in tours to the city of CuscoMachu Picchu Tours and Inca Trail

  • Planning Your Vacation Should Be Fun with a Capital “F”

    Girls That Roam Partners with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos

    Searching for vacations online used to be fun. That is until the options became overwhelming, prices changed never to be gotten again with a simple refresh of the page; refunds became a hassle, customer service was chilly and so many other issues that took the fun out of planning your getaway.

    Girls That Roam prefers the human touch which is why we’ve partnered with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos. The travel counselors have more than half a century of travel experience planning everything from solo to group vacations to corporate and business travel.

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  • My historical fiction novel SHADOW OF THE LION, about the fall of Alexander the Great's dynasty, will be published in 2 parts in UK, first part subtitled "Blood on the Moon" this August 2014 and the second "The Fields of Hades" 18 months later. The writing of this book including massive research was a journey in itself! 9012380701?profile=original

  • As we continue our Tennessee Tour here at The World on Wheels, we take a day trip out of Nashville to have some good 'ol Southern cookin' and take in some Civil War sites. It's A Brunch in Franklin - all new with video.

    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • No real secret, Vince, he just turned out to like Elvis. For some reason, he grew up liking older music not caring too much for today's manufactured sounds. Got lucky with that one...

  • That story about Ike Turner's amp is funny. That's how things happen.

    I never got my kids interested in things from my day, like Elvis. What's your secret?

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