Whether it's glorious ancient and medieval history; scrumptious cuisine; or the myriad sun-splashed islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas, Hellas is hot - opa!

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Athens cited as one of "10 of Europe's Cheapest Cities to Visit"

    Europe is of course filled with amazing scenic and cultural sights and experiences, but it's also known as by and large an expensive place to visit. Yet it doesn't have to be! There are still a number of European cities and countries where you won't bust your wallet on lodging, dining, entertainment, and touring, and here are seven of them - many, but not all, in Eastern Europe (and of course don't forget that in budget travel, a good part of your savings occurs at the beginning and end…

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Elvia Island cited in 'Can the Tourism Industry Survive the Climate Crisis?'

  I recently caught this in The Guardian about how tourism is inextricably connected to the global warming crisis. Among other things, it observes that "one of the terrible ironies of the climate crisis is that some of the most beautiful – and popular – places in the world are also the most vulnerable. Which means as temperatures rise, extreme weather events increase, water sources dry up and natural habitats die, these places are facing another devastating loss: tourists." A sobering read;…

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The top 5 beaches you must visit in Greece

When it comes to Greece, one of the first thing that comes to mind besides classical antiquity is beaches. With one of the longest coastlines in the world, filled with beautiful landscapes, it has a great deal to present to visitors. Here are five of the best, which should be on your bucket list: read post

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A sweet sailing trip through the Greek islands

Dima Berkut I recently found that boating around the Greek islands is the best holiday ever! When my best friend Julia had the idea to travel through some of Greece's sunsplashed Mediterranean isles on a small sailing yacht with our buddies, I was more excited than I think I've ever been. And for sure it was a the experience of a lifetime that my entire crew will never forget. read post

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  • Paros is one of Greece's more popular islands. But a post a little while back in The Daily Beast caught my eye, about the island's southern corridor - much sleepier, and also known for kitesurfing: https://www.thedailybeast.com/paros-one-of-greeces-most-popular-isl...
    One of Greece’s Most Popular Islands Has a Secret Side
    How to lose the crowds and find tranquility on Paros.
  • Earlier this year, The Guardian published a great survey of Europe's top beaches - and here are the seven in Greece which made the cut https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2022/apr/30/40-best-beaches-in-e...
    40 of the best beaches in Europe | Beach holidays | The Guardian
    From flamingo-pink shores to wild coastlines and everything in between, our travel writers pick the continent’s finest sands, and places to stay near…
  • Which MICE destination is considered the best in Europe in 2022? You might be surprised to learn that according to the luxury magazine Business Destinations, it's Athens - and here's why: https://news.gtp.gr/2022/05/27/athens-crowned-best-destination-for-...
    Athens Crowned Best Destination for MICE Tourism in Europe | GTP Headlines
    Athens has been named the “Best MICE Destination in Europe” at the Business Destinations Travel Awards 2022.
  • I am looking to rent an affordable vacation apartment in Athens this summer. Any suggestions?
    • Hi Buzzy - you know, I've heard that Omonia - anchored of course by the square of the same name - is the most affordable central neighborhood for short-term rentals, more than a third cheaper than the "usual suspects" like touristy Plaka, so you might want to start by concentrating your search there.
    • Hi Max, Thanks for your reply, Of course I know Omonia Square, and it is one of the neighborhoods I look at when searching. Of course, I am open to any affordable neighborhood -- Pangarati, Koukaki, etc. -- the problem is finding one using the usual sites. I was hoping this group might lead me to someone with insider information about a specific place.
  • Greece is my second homeland. Nowadays it is very hard to live here, mainly because of the economic crisis that constantly gaining momentum bringing this beautiful country to ruin. Though I still can’t imagine living in another country. I grew roots here  and as long as I can, I will live here. But Why I love Greece?

  • Exceptional service concerning tours in the meteora (kalambaka ) area. http://meteora.com

  • Guys, I have a piece that I'm working on for one of outlets, and I'm in need of Greek Archeological Dig photos.

    Of course, I visited many and I have some amazing photos, but I more various sites from throughout Greece. Let me know if you have any high res Greece Pics of Archeological digs...

  • Greece hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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