Mexican Cuisine

Just out of curiosity, what do you think of Mexican cuisine? 

Do you think it is spicy?

What is your favorite dish?

Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share? 

Did you know that there is an annual food festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico  called Taste of Playa?

Ok, enough with the questions. Let's eat already. Won't you join us? Provecho!


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  • "Sin mais, no hay pais," the Mexicans say, which means "No corn, no country." Seriously, there is so much corn in this country, it makes me wonder who's doing the inventory management. I made the mistake of believing two little girls who were asking for money when they said "por tortillas, por favor"-- I thought they were starving so I bought them tortilla, and then they laughed at me! They have plenty of food in Mexico, and it's ALL so good.

    I'd have to say I most enjoyed eating the Azteca soup (tomato base, cooked with cheese with tortilla chips and fresh avocado slices thrown in at the last minute--the best one I tried had a whole chilpotle in the centre) and a Flor de Calabaza (squash flowers) quesadilla I bought from a street vendor in Mexico City for about a dollar Canadian. Wow. Wow. Wow.

  • I agree with all of you -- Mexican cuisine is one of the richest in the world. Personally, I wish they would stop trying to create "nouvelle" versions, Mexican food is perfect the way it is. Leave it alone!
  • Mexican is without a doubt one of the world's great cuisines. Even the simplest expressions -- like chilaquiles from Sanborn's, the nationwide chain of drugstores and restaurants -- can make me want to get on a plane. Part of what makes true Mexican food served in Mexico so remarkable is not just the recipes and techniques, but also the raw materials. Here in the US so much of our food supply is mutilated by hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and hybrid plants cultivated for every conceivable reason except taste, that it becomes practically impossible to reproduce Mexican cuisine as it should be. Case in point: the humble corn tortilla. In Mexico, I have often swooned over the complex corn-y taste of the tortilla, while here in the US we pretty much eat salty cardboard.

    Things are improving, of course, as more people and more restaurants are discovering the wonders of organic foods, sea salt, etc. But truly, even if Mexico had no beaches, ruins, architecture and friendly people, the food alone would be reason enough to go.
  • I know about Taste of Playa, but won't be there soon enough this year - lastima!
    • Si. Que Lastima, John! But there is always next year.
  • My favorite dish? As of one minute ago, when I clicked onto this page, it's the mole poblano in this photograph.
    • I know, me too. Why do you think this particular photo was chosen. ;)
  • Mexican cuisine (Mexico, not TexMex, Caltex or any other American invention) is great. The diversity of cuisines and presentations according to the various regions makes it more interesting. It goes from popular at such restaurants to refined at many hotels, haciendas and resorts. I just love it!

    It can be hot or mild, according to the intensity of the chiles but not too spicy.

    Hard to say which is my favorite dish. But if I have to pick two I would say any dish with Mole Poblano is fantastic. Also huachinangos Veracruzan or Yucatan style.

    Where's Hacienda Tres Rios? Room rates?.
  • As someone who married into a great Mexican family...that knows how to cook...I love it. It's hard to pick a favorite, but here are a few. Old style enchiladas (corn tortillas dipped into sauce, folded in half with cheese and then cooke, not the rolled meat filled enchiladas you find here), tacos - with tripas, buche, chorizo, birria, and even carne asada, chile rellenos, pipian, pozole, menudo, sopes, and tamales.

    Recently, I had a new one for me, huevos divorciados...which is basically a cheese enchilada separating two fried eggs...that was delicious also.
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