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Inflight dining: from design to seatback tray

  Admittedly, inflight dining has not gotten a lot of love over much of the course of commercial aviation's history. Actually, early in that history, in the 1930s, multi-course meals were cooked onboard. However, as the postwar demand for flights took off in the 1950’s and 60’s and aircraft sizes (and therefore passenger numbers on each flight) grew, this soon proved impractical, and the complexity of cooking for hundreds of passengers in a tight space within a limited time frame prompted…

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Vegan travel is now a thing, and here's how to do it

FotografiaBasicaWhen I first started traveling, finding vegan (or even vegetarian) options abroad was fairly tough except in place with, for example, a wisespread Buddhist culture. But with the explosion in the numbers of vegetarians around the world, now there are not only more restaurants offering options or even wholly devoted to them, but there are specially curated vegan menus at luxury hotel chains, vegan adventure holiday operators, and even relaxing cruelty-free resorts. The UK website…

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  • The Guardian recently came out with a smorgasbord of insider restaurant pics from across Europe: https://www.theguardian.com/food/2022/jun/19/from-paris-to-galway-e...
    From Paris to Galway: expert foodies reveal the very best places to eat on holiday
    Fred Sirieix’s guide to Paris, Girorgio Locatelli on Sicily, plus hidden gems in Copenhagen, Seville, Cornwall, Limassol, Amsterdam and Lisbon
  • The pan-African restaurant in Kigali that's becoming a foodie destination: https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20220601-meza-malonga-the-afro-f...
    Meza Malonga: The Afro-fusion food making waves
    From sorghum bread to shrimp dusted in ground djansang seeds, each carefully curated course at Meza Malonga tells a story – or two – about Africa.
  • Muy interesante. Hace anos escribi un articulo sobre "The Toledo Cacao Growers Association" durante mi visito al Cotton Tree Lodge.
  • More attention is being focused on the earliest hub of chocolate production - since Mayan times - in Belize, where visitors can enjoy tours of artisan chocolate makers as well as chocolate-themed programs by local resorts and restaurants. Here's a look, courtesy of the BBC: https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20220522-belize-the-worlds-true-...
    The world's true cradle of chocolate
    There are nearly a dozen artisan chocolate companies in Belize taking cacao from bean to bar, part of a robust movement to reclaim the small country'…
  • When I lived in Miami, a number of my friends and acquaintances would head for vacations in Asheville (two couples even owned properties there), which is an oasis of blue, progressivism, and gay-friendliness in a state that despite having a Democratic governor still tilts too rightwing for my taste. But I digress - Asheville is known for its shopping, entertainment, and dining, and USA Today recently came out with a list of the town's ten best restaurants: https://www.10best.com/interests/food-travel/best-restaurants-ashev...
    Best places to eat in Asheville, North Carolina, according to chef John Fleer
    Experience the flavors of western North Carolina at Asheville's most beloved restaurants, as told by chef John Fleer.
  • Is Thailand's Thai Pass entry system fraught with corruption? Many new claims from tourists of being posted to extremely expensive hotels following false DR reports of covid 19 positive tests. The quarantine is in your room! Some of these hotels had no food service. The quarantine of 14 days makes your stay an overstay and before leaving you will have penalties to pay. We'll wait and see if Thailand's attempt to fleece the tourist continues or evolves. Chef LeeZ cooking class Bangkok is T. A, #1 for over 10 consecutive years. www.chefleez.com
  • Foodie scenes are sprouting all over Mexico outside the capital, and one of the best is in the country's second largest city, Guadalajara - still underapreciated but very much on the upswing, and a new destination for inventive chefs looking for a less expensive/risky place to set up shop: https://www.thedailybeast.com/this-overshadowed-mexican-city-is-a-f...
    This Overshadowed Mexican City Is a Feast
    Guadalajara is a Mexican city unwarped by the demands of American tourists, with idyllic year-round weather and world-class eateries at which no rese…
  • Today at The World on Wheels, we're in search of the official food of Halifax...the donair.

    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • Our Election Day Taco Tuesday adventure inspired me to update our 'worst-to-first' Southern California taco listat The World on Wheels.

    Road Food - Tacos of Southern California
    The Heavenly Taco Goodness of Los Tacos de Huicho Today, we put the spotlight on one of the greatest fast foods in existence... One r...
  • I know that Alice met Paul:

    United Press International, September 27, 1987
    NEW YORK -- This Thanksgiving -- from Nov. 22 through 28 -- the World Festival of Bonne Cuisine will debut in Lyon, France. The festival will be a full week of special events and haute cuisine prepared by some of the world`s most famous chefs. Headed by world renowned chef Paul Bocuse, the committee planning the festival reads like a culinary "Who`s Who," including chefs from the United States, France and Japan. Among those attending are noted American food authority Julia Child; Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse in Berkley, Calif.
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