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  • Ever wonder where cabin crew crashed on long haul flights? This Executive Traveller piece is an eyeopening read:
    Photos: the Airbus A380's secret hangout zone for cabin crew
    Ever wondered how cabin crew pass the time on those 14-hour flights and look as refreshed on landing as they did before take-off? Step below decks an…
  • I've often wondered how FA's manage their lives and personal habits to survive f.ying so frequently - especially long-haul flights across many time zones. Well, I just came across one piece of the puzzle in the Hiffington Post, specifically about how they avoid bloat and other gastrointestinal issues:
    Flight Attendants Share What They Eat To Avoid Digestive Problems In The Air
    There’s no time for bloat or other digestive problems when you’re working long hours at 40,000 feet in the air.
  • Canada's top seasonal fine dining restaurant, Rundles, will celebrate its 35th year in 2012.

    Rundles reopens on Friday, May 25th, and closes after services on Saturday, September 29th, 2012.  

    Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

  • Quite a story about Monday's JetBlue incident at JFK. Part of Steven Slater's training was or should have been keeping cool, calm, and professional even under tough circumstances such as a crash or other emergency -- and a difficult passenger -- not matter how much of a schmuck -- ain't nearly as tough a circumstance as a crash. But having said that, I am often horrified by the boorish and even abusive behavoir I witness on flights these days -- much of it directed at flight attendants -- and if I had been on that flight I probably would've applauded the guy.

    What do you think?
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