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8 top golf destinations for families

   Ko Olina Golf Club If dad (and/or mom) want to combine a family vacation with some great golfing, there are a few destinations which offer both top-notch links and a wide menu of other attractions that will appeal to the kids. So everybody's happy - after all, shouldn't that be the whole point of traveling as a family? Here among hundreds of choices across the world I offer you eight of my favorites where family travel dovetails nicely with golf travel - see if you agree, and if you…

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Family fun on Aruba's De Palm Island both above & below water

De Palm Island   I’ve always envied my scuba-diving friends who describe their magical underwater world full of coral reefs and colorful fish. I’ve snorkeled aplenty but it’s not quite the same. Now, although I remain uncertified as a diver, I have an idea of what the majesty is all about thanks to my SNUBA experience at De Palm Island, an islet just down the coast from Aruba's capital Oranjestad.   read post        

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6 Awesome Adventures for Families in & around Chicago

Conchi Martinez Now that summer is almost upon us, family vacations are very much on the menu. For those interested in heading to the USA, this blog has covered the country's famous "Windy City" in various ways, including the jazz scene, multiculti dining, movie locations, the city's Spanish connections, and all-around cool attractions which appeal to most everyone. Chicago, and the surrounding area of Illinois, however, can also be aces for a brilliant family holiday. Let me count the…

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  • One of the best family travel I think is combining a trip to Egypt with an East African Safari. The attractions these two destinations offers is of interest to inter generations, entertaining, educative and will generate discussion topics between the grand parent and the grand kid
  • If you all are looking for a heaven on earth, then we suggest you to plan a trip to Bhutan and we will be glad to provide our service during your stay in the country. Organzing wide range of tours for family, solo travellers and others during the month of October 2010. If you all are interested, please do contact us any clarification or information at this email id aarobhutantours@gmail.com or kchhodenwangdi@gmail.com.
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