That collection of countries & cultures which has (thus far) had the most impact on world history is still its single most popular travel destination. Here we explore the legendary wealth and experiences to be had across the "Old World."

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Go with the flow in SoFo, Stockholm's trendiest neighborhood

JJFarquitectos If you’re the kind of traveller who likes to get beyond a destination’s usual tourist haunts and take the pulse of today’s trends – especially when it comes to culture – then while visiting Sweden’s capital you definitely won’t want to miss SoFo (short for “south of Folkungagatan”, a major business thoroughfare, and of course meant to evoke SoHo in London and New York City) read post 

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10 awesome experiences for your honeymoon in Greece

  PxHere   Romance and Greece go hand in hand. With picturesque landscapes and mysterious blue seas, parts of this paradisiacal country are no less than a fairyland. Located on the Mediterranean Sea in the southeast region of Europe, this mystical setting of love offers a wide variety of activities and choosing the apt ones may cause a tad bit of stress to the newlyweds. This is precisely why we at Pickyourtrail have created a list of the top ten romantic things to do on a Hellas…

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Visiting the port town of Whitby in Yorkshire, England

    It rains rather a lot in Britain - even Visit Britain aren’t unwise enough to pretend it doesn’t. Most of our seaside resorts have, therefore, been spoilt by over-development to ‘cater for’ visitors when it’s too cold or wet for the beach. Whitby, however, 2½ hours northeast of Manchester and a 4½-hour drive from London - is different. Certainly there are amusement arcades, fortune-tellers, and tourist-tat shops in plenty. But since this town of 13,000 is still a working fishing port, it…

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Provence: lovely hill towns plus a plethora of wine & cheese equal paradise

  Victor Block   Naturally we started our trip off with a glass of wine at lunch - after all, it was too late for breakfast…  “Deux verres de vin rouge – um, uh -- pas sec. Un peu…” Finally I just threw my hands in the air and laughed. I meant well but it seemed unfair to make our poor waiter suffer for my lack of fluency with the language. Our waiter obliged with two glasses of wine and a hearty, “Welcome to Provence!" Our first morning, COVID-19 vaccination card in hand, we left to…

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  • Each year my home country celebrates an annually designated "capital of culture," and this year the honour has fallen to the small island of Procida (population around 10,000), located in Campania a short ferry ride from Naples along with Capri and Ischia (if you've ever seen the charming 1994 film "Il Postino", it was shot here, as were scenes for "The Talented Mr. Ripley" starring Matt Damon). Why did this quiet little island beat out Ancona, Bari, Cerveteri, Lake Maggiore, L’Aquila, Pieve di Soligo (Treviso), Taranto, Trapani, Verbania, and Volterra? Check out its tourism site as well as this travel video from a couple of years ago that showcases Procida:
    Discover Procida: The Italian capital of culture 2022
    Discover Procida: book accommodation, transfer and tours for your holiday in the island of Procida, the Italian Capital of Culture 2022
  • It's prime surfing season in Europe as well as elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, and here are's top waveriding picks on the continent this summer:
  • The Guardian recently came out with a smorgasbord of insider restaurant pics from across Europe:
    From Paris to Galway: expert foodies reveal the very best places to eat on holiday
    Fred Sirieix’s guide to Paris, Girorgio Locatelli on Sicily, plus hidden gems in Copenhagen, Seville, Cornwall, Limassol, Amsterdam and Lisbon
  • In observance of Pride, The Guardian just came out with a piece on Europe's ten best gay-friendly destinations. Some are obvious (Mykonos, hello!), but others less so:
    10 of Europe’s best destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers this Pride season | Gay and lesbian travel |…
    From Madrid to Mykonos our writer picks the most queer-friendly holiday spots in Europe
  • The Guardian looks at how mass tourism to Barcelona is expected to come roaring back this summer, bringing many of the same ills that have divided locals in recent years:
    ‘Summer will be monstrous’: Barcelona wrestles with revival of mass tourism | Barcelona | The Guard…
    As visitors return after easing of Covid curbs, talk of diversification of Spanish city has been drowned out by sound of ringing tills
  • Oslo's Nasionalmuseet (National Museum) just made its debut this month:
  • The Guardian recently published a great survey of Europe's top beaches - can't wait for summer!
    40 of the best beaches in Europe | Beach holidays | The Guardian
    From flamingo-pink shores to wild coastlines and everything in between, our travel writers pick the continent’s finest sands, and places to stay near…
  • This past January, the London-based travel-site recently came out with "The best cities in the world for art and culture in 2022", and while many of them you would totally expect (and Paris unsprprisingly comes in at number one), there are a few you totally wouldn't:
  • Iceland sure isn't on anyone's list of top snorkeling destinations, but here's a unique experience here which just might intrigue you (with a lot of insulation, of course!):
    Snorkeling between two continents in Iceland’s Silfra Fissure
  • With everyone on edge about the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine, a couple of weeks ago a website launched last November called VisitUkraine.Today comes out with a post entitled "Keep Calm and Visit Ukraine."As this article from U.S. travel industry watcher Skift points out, turns out it's not from the Ukrainian tourism board but rather a travel insurance company! Jeez.

    In the meantime, while tourism is not exactly dead at the moment, it seems to be under strain, with countries such as South Korea banning travel to Ukraine and some flights being canceled because airline insurance carriers are withdrawing coverage. So...keep calm? Sure. Visit Ukraine? Maybe hold off just a bit, eh?
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