That collection of countries & cultures which has (thus far) had the most impact on world history is still its single most popular travel destination. Here we explore the legendary wealth and experiences to be had across the "Old World."

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A few how-to tips about Prague for first timers

  Peter K Burian   The capital of the Czech Republic, with its UNESCO World Heritage historic center, is considered one of Europe's (indeed, the world's) most beautiful cities, and has been a favorite for visitors for more than 30 years now, since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Top attractions include Castle Hill, Old Town Square, the Old Town Hall, Wenceslaus Square, and Charles Bridge. And here are some tips and observations to help you navigate "golden Prague":     read post  

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7 of Europe's cheapest cities to visit

    Europe is of course filled with amazing scenic and cultural sights and experiences, but it's also known as by and large an expensive place to visit. Yet it doesn't have to be! There are still a number of European cities and countries where you won't bust your wallet on lodging, dining, entertainment, and touring, and here are seven of them - many, but not all, in Eastern Europe (and of course don't forget that in budget travel, a good part of your savings occurs at the beginning and end of…

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The top 5 beaches you must visit in Greece

  When it comes to Greece, one of the first thing that comes to mind besides classical antiquity is beaches. With one of the longest coastlines in the world, filled with beautiful landscapes, it has a great deal to present to visitors. Here are five of the best, which should be on your bucket list: read post  

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7 essential places to visit on a school trip to Valencia, Spain

 William Warby     Spain's explored third largest city is a splendid choice for student trips from primary school through university - even if it's just a long weekend - as it mixes a wonderfully preserved historic core with modern neighbourhoods (including dramatic contemporary landmarks), fabulous dining, and appealing cultural opportunities - much of it concentrated in a relatively compact centre, making it easy to take it without too much walking. Valencia is especially recommendable to…

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  • The Guardian recently published a great survey of Europe's top beaches - can't wait for summer!
    40 of the best beaches in Europe | Beach holidays | The Guardian
    From flamingo-pink shores to wild coastlines and everything in between, our travel writers pick the continent’s finest sands, and places to stay near…
  • This past January, the London-based travel-site recently came out with "The best cities in the world for art and culture in 2022", and while many of them you would totally expect (and Paris unsprprisingly comes in at number one), there are a few you totally wouldn't:
  • Iceland sure isn't on anyone's list of top snorkeling destinations, but here's a unique experience here which just might intrigue you (with a lot of insulation, of course!):
    Snorkeling between two continents in Iceland’s Silfra Fissure
  • With everyone on edge about the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine, a couple of weeks ago a website launched last November called VisitUkraine.Today comes out with a post entitled "Keep Calm and Visit Ukraine."As this article from U.S. travel industry watcher Skift points out, turns out it's not from the Ukrainian tourism board but rather a travel insurance company! Jeez.

    In the meantime, while tourism is not exactly dead at the moment, it seems to be under strain, with countries such as South Korea banning travel to Ukraine and some flights being canceled because airline insurance carriers are withdrawing coverage. So...keep calm? Sure. Visit Ukraine? Maybe hold off just a bit, eh?
  • The Euro topped US $1.32 today. To what extent do these currency fluctuations actually convince people to travel or not? 

  • Italy for Honeymooners

    What is the fatal charm of Italy? What do we find there that can be found nowhere else? I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago." 
    ~Erica Jong

    Is there any place as romantic as Italy? For nearly two hundred years Italy has been the destination of choice for those who are looking to lend the gloss of sophistication to their persona. Between the mouth-watering food, painting-worthy vistas and a language so imbued with romance as to make your heart beat fast just listening to it, is it any wonder that Italy has become one of the top honeymoon destinations of all time? 

    If you have considered or are currently considering an Italian honeymoon you might want to consider look into these top Italian honeymoon destinations.

    Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi coast is one of the most visually appealing areas on the planet. With breathtaking coastal resorts, pristine white beaches and a sultry Mediterranean temperature you won’t regret spending your first days together in such a gorgeous area.

    Here are two Barclay International Group villas which are actually large enough that you could bring family or friends along with you. All have kitchens, of course, for those romantic meals for two!

    Villa Il Gioiello


    and here are a few apartments within villas that will offer an unforgettable holiday:

    Villa Amore 
    Fior di Limone 



    It doesn’t matter which movie you watch, nearly every movie that mentions Venice marks it as being one of the most romantic places on earth. The reality is really not that much different. With food to die for, wines that will leave you slightly dizzy and architecture and art that combine to give you the glorious sense of being cast headlong into the past, especially when you hear the gondoliers calling to each other in the moonlight.

    Barclay International Group’s Venice apartments are extremely affordable! Take a look:




    From fantastic midnight espressos to architecture that will have you dreaming of millennia gone by, Rome has something for everyone. While Venice and Florence tend to be more “proper” as far as modern music and fashions, in Rome – anything goes and not only will you find the beauty of the past, but you’ll also find the modern lying cheek to cheek with the ancient in a heady and romantic mix.

    Barclay International Group has a wide selection of apartments in Rome which can be seen here.

    To select just a few:

    Cinque Colori 
    Residence Palazzo Al Velabro



    For those who are more drawn to the pastoral and artistic beauty of Italy, Florence is the perfect choice for a honeymoon. Here you will get all of the beauty of the Italian language, the deliciousness of the food and wine, but without the chaos that cities like Rome tend to include as part of their appeal and which might very well be more appealing to a couple looking to spend their first days together as husband and wife.

    Again, Barclay International Group has a huge selection of apartments in Florence, as seen here

    A few examples:
    Residence Palazzo Ricasoli 



    For sheer sensuous pleasure you need look no further than Tuscany. From fine art to fine wine to extraordinary scenery that encompasses mountain paths, rolling hills, seacoast and islands, there’s always something wonderful to gaze upon and explore. Aside from Florence, you’ll want to select from Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, Cortona, San Gimignano and Lucca. Any and all can be a perfect location for an absolutely stunning honeymoon. 

    Barclay International Group offers villas of many sizes in Tuscany but here are a few apartments in villas that lend themselves especially well to parties of two:

    La Poggiolaia 
    Pratale 1 & 2 
    Villa Il Pozzo 
    Li Zuti 


    It doesn’t matter if you love to party or are an art connoisseur Italy has something for everyone and even the most diverse of couples will have no problem in finding a honeymoon destination that will provide them with the memories of a lifetime.

    We are currently updating rates for 2012. If 2011 rates appear, please call us and we will provide updated rates. Also call for more information on these or any other property. We are at 800-845-6636.

    This article was written by Sarah Rigos, founder of the leading cash registry website Starlight Registry, with proposed accommodations added by Barclay International Group.
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  • I will be attending the WTM and look forward to meeting up with old friends and new. Accessible Travel is a huge yet largely untapped market, I invite colleagues to send questions to me regarding this market as I am giving a seminar on the topic on Travel Agents Day and would like to address as many issues as possible in the short time the WTM allows. My seminar will be as interactive as possible, no preaching from the pulpit! I am also available for the consultancy networking session the same day. Questions to (online from 1st September).
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