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Funny Chinese expressions

Just learned how to say paparazzi in Chinese today: 狗仔隊 (gou3 zai3 dui4). Etymology: Wikipedia says the Chinese expression came about as follows: 此词 (paparazzi) 传入香港后,香港人改称Paparazzi为Puppy(小狗),一来是读音相近,二来此类记者的追踪行为也和狗相似。随后该词逐渐演化成了“狗仔队”,隨後再傳至臺灣等其他中文地區,之後

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Favorite Mandarin songs

Continuing in the same vein as last week's post (posted on the comments board), here's another poem by 三毛, set to music, and sung again by 齊豫. A few years older than 夢田, the title is 橄欖樹(Olive Tree). Lyrics follow the video. Enjoy! 橄欖樹 (Olive Tree

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