Making your buck, quid, etc. go further has never been more important in these times. Fortunately there are still tons of strategies for taking off -- whether you're a student, a senior, or somewhere in between -- without landing in the poorhouse.

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6 tips for finding cheap airline tickets

  Travelers who are passionate about wandering to new destinations often put a hold on their exploration owing to expenses. In order to fulfill all their travel wishes, and to save money for their next trips, they need to cut down flight expenses. If your someone who wants to save on travels, cutting down on flight booking cost is one of the ways to reduce your expenses. Flight tickets costs vary depending on the day of the week, time of the week, and holidays. Follow these simple tricks to…

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Budget options included in '7 Great Amsterdam Lodgings in Various Price Ranges'

  Bunk Hotel As you'd expect, one of Europe's most tourist-popular cities offers a wide and high-quality range of accommodations, from low-budget to very high-end indeed. And our team has put together a varied selection of Dutch treats based on social media and other customer reviews and ratings, blogger picks, and hospitality standards (and all, by the way, include high-speed WiFi in your rate), our team follows a specific research module keeping all reviews in a single platform. read post  

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3 unconventional tips for bagging cheaper airline tickets

  vectorjuice   How to score inexpensive airfares is perennially one of the hottest topics in travel. The conventional wisdom says say that travellers should know when to make reservations and know about current and upcoming discount offers. They should know how to choose hotel and flight packages, pack smartly, and sign up for alerts with the best online travel agencies. Getting the best deals depends on factors including timing, the time of year/week, luck, being flexible, type of airline,…

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7 of Europe's cheapest cities to visit

    Europe is of course filled with amazing scenic and cultural sights and experiences, but it's also known as by and large an expensive place to visit. Yet it doesn't have to be! There are still a number of European cities and countries where you won't bust your wallet on lodging, dining, entertainment, and touring, and here are seven of them - many, but not all, in Eastern Europe (and of course don't forget that in budget travel, a good part of your savings occurs at the beginning and end of…

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  • Here is a quartet of European countries currently trending for budget travel, according to the site
  • Paris is famously cher, which is why I was pleased to discover these tips from a local in The Guardian:
    Paris on the cheap: a local’s guide to flea markets, baguettes and funky bistros | Paris holidays |…
    From art nouveau cafes to the resting place of French kings, our man in Paris knows where to find affordable fun
  • I've found a site called which is a great resource for hacks and destinations for budget travel:
  • For the most part, the USVI isn't exactly what you'd call an inexpensive destination, but penny-pinching travel site (also well worth bookmarking for budget travelers) just came out with a guide to visiting St. Croix on the (relatively) cheap:
  • A writer on the platform Medium shares ten tips for saving money on your next trip:
    10 Budget-Friendly Travel Hacks for a Week-Long Getaway
    These simple tips helped me save up to $1000 on my trip to the Azores
  • After the worst of the pandemic, the travel industry is booming once again, but to fill depleted coffers, destinations and airlines, among others, are snubbing budget travelers in favor of the well heeled:
    $10 tourists will have to wait. Budget visitors priced out of traveling
    Travel is roaring back in 2022, but budget tourism still has a way to go.
  • Many people think of this country as something of a luxury destination, but there's a budget side here, as well - and one of the more interesting options I've come across is a program based in the west-coast resort village of Tamarin called the Explorer Program:
    Luxury on a shoestring in Mauritius
    Get the best out of your holiday dollar with this guide on how to enjoy Mauritius on a budget.
  • It's the debut of a new transit report at The World on Wheels. This time, we're focusing on the Dallas Area Transit System.

    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
  • our travel agent in Cusco Peru

    If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation, and would like to see Machu Picchu, Cuzco, or another part of Peru, we offer a wide variety of tours and packages all over the country! Peru has a diversity of destinations with different things to see and do. Peru is and has long been very culturally diverse, resulting in a rich history and an exquisite cuisine.  The country also has many different geographical regions and diverse climates.  Go ahead and look through our tours and packages to see what there is for you! Remember that you can personalize any of our best tours of Machu Picchu or travel packages, just contact us and our travel experts will help you plan the trip of a lifetime!.

    We specialize in tours to the city of CuscoMachu Picchu Tours and Inca Trail

  • I haven't swung a club in 20 years either, since I got arthritis in my wrist. Love to hike, listen to live music, and take in some sports now and then, which the area has in abundance. Thanks for checking it out.

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