Peaceful these days, this small, scenic corner of the Balkans includes some world-class travel experiences, including cosmopolitan Sarajevo, picturesque Mostar, Catholic pilgrimage icon Medugorje, & some soft adventure.

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Bosnia/Herzogovina's top ten bucket-listers

Uderrated and undervisited, tiny Bosnia and Herzegovina has a number of marvelous places to visit, and this video covers ten nost to miss. I went to one of them, Mostar (number five), many years ago, when its famous bridge, destoyed during the 1990s war, had not yet been rebuilt and in its place was a bouncy metal suspension bridge. Another spot I visited nearby, Medjugorje, didn't make the list - I suspect because it's not particularly attractive, and famous only because it's a Catholic…

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Hrcavka River 1 of 3 best sports for canyoning in Europe

Canyoning is a fast-paced adventure sport that's swiftly sweeping the world. The activity entails the utilization of various skills and techniques to conquer the world’s most challenging environments, as it prompts you to master jumping, running, climbing, abseiling, diving, but also to create mental fortitude and persevere amidst the perils of Mother Nature. Sound like fun? It totally is, and in order to experience the adventure of a lifetime, here are the three unforgettable places to go…

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  • A cool look in about Bosnia/Herzegovina's surprising new tourism boom, and some of its attractions:
  • Wow, another great travel website. Recently I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visiting both Sarajevo and Mostar. I loved them both. In fact I loved the whole region so I travelled to every country in the former Yugoslavia. 

    Read my book about it here:


  • howdy! I had a greatttt time riding across Bosnia!!! I advise it to every rider! Greetings from Portugal!!
  • ELITE TRAVEL is a travel agency came from a desire to pass on Bosnian market innovative and professional work in the field of tourism. The combination of experience, education, ambition, desire and a great love for this industry, has made to enter into long term contracts with reputable foreign partners, and brought us into a large regional network of Business Start-Up Centres and Incubators in South Eastern Europe, supported by SPARK (former Academic Training Association (ATA)) and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

    Our young and determined team, full of ambition and creative ideas at your disposal, in the hope that it will meet your expectations and justify the trust that you travel with us.

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