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5 musts in Hawaii

Pixabay One of the bywords for tropical getaway - from idyllic landscapes and spectacular beaches to exciting urban nightlife - the USA's 50th state is packed with memorable places and experiences. Here are five of the most unmissable:   read post  

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Summer In Kawagoe, Japan's "Little Edo" city

  From June 30 to July 10, visitors to the lovely "Little Edo" city Kawagoe (population a bit over 353,000) just a half hour north of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture, can experience Chinowa Kuguri. This Shinto ritual, held at Kawagoe Hachimangu Shrine, began in the early Edo period (1603-1867) with the intention of warding off plagues and promoting disease-free breathing. A perfect event for an era with Covid, the liturgy, also known as Nagoshi no Harae ("summer passing purification…

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10 of the best things to do in the Maldives

  If there were ever a paradise on earth, the Maldives would be it. Lying in the lap of nature’s exquisite beauty, this archipelago of 26 atolls and nearly 1,200 islands and islets in the Indian Ocean several hundred miles southwest of Sri Lanka and India has become one of the world's most popular travel getaways. This country is famous for its pristine waters, clean sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, exciting leisure activities, and lip-smacking cuisine. There are myriad exciting things you…

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11 of the top spots to visit in India

    India is of course a vast country with vast differences in geography, culture, religion, language, cuisine and other culture, which is a rich mixt of the past and the present ranging from ancient Vedic heritage to cutting-edge architecture and more. Though there are many places that are worth visiting in India, I have listed 11 places which are my personal favourites for an awe inspiring holiday.read post  

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  • One of six UNESCO sites in Pakistan, in southeastern Sindh province a bit over six hours from Karachi, Moenjodaro dates back some 5,000 years to the Bronze Age, and is one of the world's oldest preserved human settlements: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/moenjodaro-pakistan-floods-i...
    Pakistan UNESCO site Moenjodaro badly damaged by flooding
    One of the world's oldest preserved human settlements has been significantly damaged by torrential rain in Pakistan as the country battles the worst…
  • Came across an interesting item about an off-the-beaten track region and city, both called Kochi, on the second smallest of Japan's four main islands, Shikoku. (south of the western end of Honshu), with plenty of eco/adventure travel options, water sports, authentic regional cuisine, and historic sites. Check it out! https://mothership.sg/2022/07/4-reasons-to-visit-kochi-japan/
    4 reasons to visit Kochi, a lesser known part of Japan, once Japan relaxes travel restrictions
    A hidden gem in Japan.
  • Earlier this year, the London-based travel-site BigSevenTravel.com came out with "The best cities in the world for art and culture in 2022", including of course several Asian cities - find out which: https://bigseventravel.com/best-cities-for-arts-culture/
  • I've always been fascinated by this Mongolia - even though I haven't yet gotten to travel there - and on YouTube found this superbly edited, montage of scenes (fairly brief, just over five minutes long) from popular South African travel filmmaker MrBrynnorth. No narration, but very eloquent indeed!! https://youtu.be/KwQvyYzcOJU
  • A onetime Buddhist pilgrimage track, in disuse for some 60 years, the new, 250-mile Trans Bhutan Trail is to be inaugurated in April - coinciding with the reopening of the whole of Bhutan to tourists after pretty much closing its border since spring of 2020 - connecting for hikers and mountain bikers some 400 historic/cultural sites as well as countless natural wonders. Read more details in CNN Travel: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/trans-bhutan-trail-reopening
  • Just saw Crazy Rich Asians - pretty cool movie, and I'm sure it'll do wonders for Singapore tourism. Then just today read an interesting piece in The Atlantic about how some non-Chinese (Malays, Indians - the name Singapore actually comes from Malay and Sanskrit) are a little miffed at how it papers over their home's ethnic diversity. Plus, most Singaporeans are far from rich! Makes interesting reading: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/08/singapore...

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