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Standing Tall, Guiding All: A Look at Air-Traffic-Control Towers

 Tiia Monto You’ve all no doubt noticed that building, at or near the airport, which  resembles a lighthouse. In fact, air-traffic-control towers are lighthouses of a sort, albeit much more sophisticated and with many more functions. But what's inside an air traffic-control tower? Does is have more than one floor inside? Why is it so tall? Are they all the same? Here's a post to clarify a few things about one of the most complex buildings at any post  

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3 unconventional tips for bagging cheaper airline tickets

  vectorjuice   How to score inexpensive airfares is perennially one of the hottest topics in travel. The conventional wisdom says say that travellers should know when to make reservations and know about current and upcoming discount offers. They should know how to choose hotel and flight packages, pack smartly, and sign up for alerts with the best online travel agencies. Getting the best deals depends on factors including timing, the time of year/week, luck, being flexible, type of airline,…

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Observations and advice about jet lag

  Many of us who travel across various time zones experience jet lag, and some are more prone to it than others. Circadian rhythms (your body's internal clock) tell you when to stay up and go to bed, and because they're pegged to to your home time zone rather than the new time zone you've gone to, you experience jet lag if you cross more than two or three time zones. Flying from the U.S. East Coast to Europe, for example, when you arrive around 8 AM your internal clock still thinks it's 2 AM,…

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  • Today in the Tripatini blog: more controversial surcharges from Spirit Airline?
  • Ever wonder whatever happened to PeoplExpress? Or all those other dearly departed airlines of yore? Member Max Pesling's interesting blog post spills the beans.
  • New to the group and looking forward to discussions!!


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  • I agree with Buzzy Gordon: Communicate communicate and communicate. What a simple question can elicit, an FBI and subsequent headaches cannot resolve. 


    Is there more to the story than has been reported ? 

  • C'mon, guys, if you ignore a fasten seat belt sign for any variety of reasons (because you need to go to the bathroom, or get medicine from your hand baggage, for example) you are breaking a rule -- but does this get you questioned by the FBI? If there is not enough combined intelligence among the entire flight crew to ascertain directly from the passengers what was going on (don't forget, they had already passed strict airport security to get on board, including scrutiny of their phylacteries), then the airline deserves to get lambasted -- if not for cultural insensitivity, then for downright stupidity.
  •  I have to agree with Max's opinion.



  • OK, so now on the same day as the three jewsh guys got questioned in LA for praying in hebrew, a muslim woman is denied boarding on aflight out of sandiego because some flight attendant heard her say "i gotta go" on her cell phone and thought she meant "it's a go". like that automatically means that the woman is part of a terrorist plot!!! will stupidity never cease? i'm all for more secrurity but for heavens sake be reasonable folks!! i mean if this woman is a hardened terrorist is she going to stand there at the gate and talk about it on a cell phone???


    sometimes i wonder if theres intelligent life onthis planet.

  • Anti-semitism on Alaska Airlines? CNN reports that three Orthodox Jews caused a major hooha on a flight from Mexico when they ignored the seatbelt sign and started wrapping their tefillin around their arms and heads and chanting in Hebrew. Apparently no one on this flight, not even the flight attendants, were familiar with this type of prayer, so they thought these guys were terrorists. They radioed ahead, and the three men were questioned by the FBI at LAX. Now the airline has apologized to the three men for their "cultural insensitivity."


    Now, I'm as Jewish as gefilte fish, but I think this is ridiculous. Why should the airline apologize? The men were not harassed for being Jewish, they were reprimanded for not observing the captain's and flight attendants' orders (i.e., sit down during turbulence!). Does this mean that every time someone wants to do a religious ritual on a plane, they can disregard safety regulations? If an Opus Dei catholic wants to flog his back in the aisle, is that cool too? If a santeria practitioner wants to sacrifice a goat in the lavatory, do we allow that?


    Come on, folks, when we board a plane, we have to observe some common sense rules. Pray when you get off the plane, G-d can wait!


    Or am I being unfair?? 

  • I just read that "Major domestic carriers on Thursday rolled back their most recent fare increase on flights favored by business travelers."  But because the online fares seem to change every five minutes, can somebody tell how me how anyone would know if there really has been a fare hike or rollback?
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