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Cabin Fever Strikes (in a Good Way) at Hamburg's Aircraft Interiors Expo

  For aviation watchers, when it comes to annual industry expos late July's Farnborough International Airshow in the United Kingdom is probably tops, especially in terms of trades and commercial agreements between the major airlines and aircraft manufacturers: aerospace, defence, sustainability, innovation, and advance air mobility are also showcased at this event, which is well known because of its great impact on the aviation sector.Another highly influential annual expo takes place in…

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4 Tips to Carry & Pack Luggage While Air Traveling?

Greetings!Although air travel fascinates everyone but it is still hard to manage, pack and take care of luggage during such ventures. As a regular traveler, I would like to share few basic tip with you in this regard:1. First of all, you need to explore what are the most important things for you. These could be your medicines, smartphone, smart devices, passport, necessary documentation, etc. Travellers must pack this stuff in their hand baggage or carry-on bag. Indeed, all airlines permit…

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  • Happy to! Now I just need to figure out how to do that in our system here. :-)
  • Thanks, Mary Jo! Why don't you throw a version of this into a blog post so our members will see in on the front page this weekend and coming week? Bon voyage!
  • I'm traveling tomorrow, and as an airline insider wrote the following article about potential security changes, what to expect, how to prepare, and give a few of my personal recommendations:
  • I sure hope what we've been hearing of the supposed new TSA rules are inaccurate or incomplete, because they seem moronic and pointless -- unless it's to discourage yet more people from flying...
  • Airline ticket prices expected to increase worldwide\

    December 3, 2009
    ( According to the ITB World Travel Trends Report, commissioned by the world’s leading travel trade show and compiled by the consultancy IPK International, a short- to mid-term rise in the price of airline tickets is to be expected worldwide. Travelers will have to bear the cost of anticipated increases in taxes and charges by paying extra for tickets, according to the report.

    The ITB World Travel Trends Report states that in order to become profitable again, airlines will have to significantly adjust their ticket prices. The findings are based on the assessments of 60 tourism experts from 30 countries, on a special IPK International trend analysis undertaken in leading source markets and on core data supplied by the World Travel Monitor®, recognized as the largest ongoing survey of global travel trends in some 60 source countries. The report notes that “current airline prices are clearly too low to allow airlines to become profitable again."

    Despite the worldwide recession, the ITB World Travel Trends Report expects commercial aviation to grow dynamically over the next two decades. The Chinese market is predicted to expand annually by around 8.4 percent, followed by the Asian-Pacific region (6.9 percent), and South America (estimated at 6.4 percent). The European market is forecast to grow by 3.4 percent, lagging significantly behind the expected global average growth rate of 4.9 percent.

    Dr. Martin Buck, vice president, CompetenceCenter Travel&Logistics, Messe Berlin, stated: “The currently unanswered question facing the world’s airline industries is whether price-conscious consumers will continue to drive the downgrading trend we are seeing in bookings or whether we will witness a return to the situation we had before the worldwide economic and financial crisis began. It also remains to be seen whether companies will limit their business travel to a minimum and how video conferences and other new forms of communication technology will influence travel behavior."

    According to Dr. Martin Buck, the recession has already had a positive effect, “The over-capacity of the world’s airline industries has been reduced and older planes, which consume large amounts of kerosene, have been taken out of service." In the short term, a full recovery of demand is unlikely. Describing the situation he added that “flat is the new growth."

    From December 15, 2009 the ITB World Travel Trends Report 2009/2010 can be downloaded free of charge from centre/publications .

    Messe Berlin: Michael T. Hofer Spokesman & Director Press and Public Relations ITB Berlin/ITB Asia: Astrid Ehring Press Officer Messedamm 22 D-14055 Berlin Tel: + 4930 3038-2275 Fax: + 4930 3038-2141 Email: Web: IPK International: Barbara Postel Senior Consultant Gottfried-Keller-Straße 20 81245 München Tel:+ 49 89 82923713 Fax: + 4989 82923726 Email: For additional details:
  • Here's an interesting take on the Airbus A380 superliner. So is it an oversized white elephant already or could it still be the future of longhauls?,8599,1942120,00.html
  • Is everyone as horrified as I am about the Northwest pilots who overshot Minneapolis because they were on their personal laptops? Time to ban them from cockpits, I would say -- laptops, I mean.
  • So British Airways finally went and launched its all-business-class flights. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery on how that's likely to work out for them?
  • A rundown from the AP of the recent trend toward baggage fees now also on international flights: "Baggage Fees Join Your Overseas Flights," by Joshua Freed. What's next, just a bag of pretzels on the next flight to Europe?
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