The basics of commercial aircraft safety




In recent times we've seen a flood of news related to air transport safety, especially in regards protective actions against the spread of COVID: terms like HEPA filters and other sanitary measurements in cabin such as ultraviolet lighting radiation or the use of products that neutralise the coronavirus - hydroalcoholic gels or other disinfectants -, have now become familiar to everyone.Considering the health and hygiene on board we can find some materials with antibacterial properties: with special attention to lavatory countertops and coated elements like toilet units where the cleaning requires a more dedicated end.But in addition to the sanitary aspects, regular maintenance and constant checks of the aircraft are essential for an excellent operation.Did you know that the external painting of the fuselage is crucial for the aircraft safety? Not only provides an aesthetic and branding function on the livery, but also protects against corrosion and degradation of metallic parts and other structural materials.You may have noticed that every aircraft on the assembly line is painted in a distinctive green colour. This special coating is called PROPACO; a protective base coating that in a later stage is topped with additional layers of colours to brand the airliner. 


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