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Cabin Fever Strikes (in a Good Way) at Hamburg's Aircraft Interiors Expo

  For aviation watchers, when it comes to annual industry expos late July's Farnborough International Airshow in the United Kingdom is probably tops, especially in terms of trades and commercial agreements between the major airlines and aircraft manufacturers: aerospace, defence, sustainability, innovation, and advance air mobility are also showcased at this event, which is well known because of its great impact on the aviation sector.Another highly influential annual expo takes place in…

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4 Tips to Carry & Pack Luggage While Air Traveling?

Greetings!Although air travel fascinates everyone but it is still hard to manage, pack and take care of luggage during such ventures. As a regular traveler, I would like to share few basic tip with you in this regard:1. First of all, you need to explore what are the most important things for you. These could be your medicines, smartphone, smart devices, passport, necessary documentation, etc. Travellers must pack this stuff in their hand baggage or carry-on bag. Indeed, all airlines permit…

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How does an aircraft's 'black box' flight recorder work?

  Much has been written about this small device that all commercial aircraft have been incorporating for more than half a century. And little wonder: "black box" flight recorders are essential in order to identify the causes of an accident.We know, thanks to ironclad statistics, that the airplane is the safest means of transportation, but several decades ago there was a model of aircraft, the Comet, whose accident rate was well outside of normal range. It was the early 1950s and the experts…

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  • Anybody had am air travel nightmare this summer? Here's some background:
    Why Air Travel Is Such a Disaster Right Now
    It's not just post-2020 blues.
  • Despite a tricky air travel panorama, new airlines betting airline travel is taking off
    The new airlines betting flying is about to take off
    Many carriers went out of business during Covid but several seized a golden opportunity to launch.
  • Experts predicted a chaotic, difficult summer for airline travel, and it's already being borne out in numerous airports:
    Mayhem predicted for travel this summer
    Flight cancelations, delays, and airport lines so long you miss your flight. That's the reality of travel this summer -- and that's before you add in…
  • Pakistan gets a new low-cost carrier, Fly Jinnah, to start serving both domestic and international destinations later this year: And keep apprised of dates and places on its website:
    Pakistan’s new low-cost airline Fly Jinnah unveils branding
  • Over the years there has of course been unending debate about the nexus of politics and travel, but never in memory has there been such a drastic and sudden realignment of the travel industry as what is going on today with regard to Russia as fallout from its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, including closure of North American and Western European airspace to Aeroflot and other Russian aviation as well as cancellation of flights and banning of airlines flying to/from Moscow. More details at:
  • Ever heard of carbon offsets? Recently National Geographic looked at them for air travel and analyzed whether they make a difference and are worth doing:
    Should you buy carbon offsets for your air travel?
    More than a third of Americans would pay extra to offset their flights’ CO2 emissions, a new National Geographic survey finds.
  • In trying to use miles to book a flight from Miami to New York City just a little while ago, I was short miles in my American Airlines account, so we wanted to transfer some from his to cover the shortfall. Imagine our displeasure to learn that for a simple electronic transfer the fee was $116 - and to add insult to injury, on top of that they add a $15 transfer fee. I tweeted my displeasure to them and their only reply was:

    Replying to 

    We're glad to hear that you were able to get it booked. Thanks for your feedback.

    And so I left them with:

    Replying to 

    What a dumb and disingenous answer. You suck.

    This is another reason airlines and capitalism in general have been richly earning themselves such a bad name in recent years.
  • There are LOTS of ways to get free stop overs.

    United allows up to 23 hours and 59 minutes on intl' itineraries and Delta allow 1 free stop over in route.

    I have wrote about the Delta stop over rule and given an example here. Or the United free 24 hour stop over here. United also allows 1 stop over for more than 24 hours on a round trip. You can read about that option here.

    Many more explanations can be found on 

  • My pleasure! And of course if you find yourself in any trouble putting together an award with all of these added goodies, you know where to turn :) In case you forgot though, will likely provide the answers you're looking for. 

    The reason I say people run into trouble is simple: While these routings are allowed, they are often not bookable online and the phone reps are often not very amenable. At the end of the day however, persistence is key!

  • I have opportunities to do that. This is very helpful, Ari. 

This reply was deleted.