• If you really want to enjoy your luxury adventure holidays then Africa is ideal place for luxury holidays taking care for every pleasure. According to my personal experience Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa and Morocco are the best destination to visit on your African vacations.

  •  Just like what Thomson has said, it depends on what every one wants to see.  Some people like beautiful cities, others like adventure travel , others like gorilla safaris while other prefer  visiting unique destinations to add to their travel list .

    • Hadijah and Thomson, your comments make more sense than the award. 

  • Me i Believe the best destination in Africa is KENYA.

  • The awards mean alot. From whichever perspective. For stakeholders of Cape Town as a travel destination, it would be a vote of confidence. From the perspective potential travelers looking for a good african destination, it is a pointer to where to look. Whether I agree or not is another matter all together.

    For Kenya and Tanzania Safaris, get ideas from Africa Travel and Vacation Pages.
  • I think it really depends on what you want to see and do in Africa - it is a very diverse continent! Cape Town is great but it is not for wildlife viewing, and in fact if wildlife viewing is what you are after South Africa is not the place to do it - you will have much better experience in Tanzania with the Ngoronggor Crater, Tarangire National Park, and the vast Serengeti - all environments where they wildlife lives in its natural habitat (not on private, fenced game reserves).


    Go to South Africa for food and wine, great cities, beautiful beaches.


    These awards may mean something, but some of them are just about who gets paid what, or who knows who. Best to do careful research with established professionals who can help you weed through it all.

  • Cape Town is a wonderful mix of cosmopolitan nightlife and shopping, beauty, great food, close to the wine country and lots of eco diversity nearby (even penguins!).  It should be on everyone's "bucket list." That is why we have created a 10-day safari adventure to include three days in this beautiful city on our African Beauty & the Beasts tour.
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