Can Tourism Help the New Nation of South Sudan?

David Appell quickly and smartly sums up the challenges, surprising me with the revelation that this new country's Boma National Park has the world’s 2nd largest wildlife migration, "a mighty, surging river of antelope." And where there are antelope, there are lions, etc.

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  • Rosebell, as a woman I read your comments and say to myself: This tour operator is right in every way!
  • I think soo, but they need to adress the world on the issue of security coz i believe even if the roads are bad an adventurous person will still trend where others are avoiding! but no one would do this with their life on the line! my company has been thinking of expanding there but we are still afraid! 


  • Just did, thanks! 



  • I think Appell made some awfully good points -- and made them concisely, too. If you haven't seen his take on it yet, check it out here.
  • Definitely if they do it right. I just read an article about that and it seems intriguing. 



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