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5 of the world's best spots for stand-up paddleboarding

 There are hundreds if not thousands of prime destinations across the world to put a stand up paddleboard (SUP) into the water, but here are five of my favorites (along with my reasons why), including several in places you may not have thought of - or even heard of! All all of course have local outfitters who can rent you equipment and also provide excursions.   read post  

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4 Tactical Gear Adventure Travelers Must Have

Greetings!Adventure travelling sounds fascinating, but in reality, it is full of risks, and without essential tactical gear, it is hard to survive. Therefore, in this thread, I am going to share one of the most necessary tactical gear with adventure travellers. Here we go:Tactical Backpack It is an essential gear that allows you to carry all necessary stuff in one place and an organized manner. So, you should always pick a durable and easy-to-carry tactical backpack. I usually get tactical gear…

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A guide to climbing majestic Mount Kenya

  Håkon Dahlmo     Kenya's highest mountain (and Africa’s second highest mountain after neighbouring Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro) located within an eponymous national park around the centre of the country, this extinct volcano is estimated to be 2.5 million years old. Time has taken its toll on the former, reducing the peak from around 6,500 meters originally to 5,199 today as well as eroding the crater. Its higher slopes permanently covered in snow, surrounded by 715 square kilometers…

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Turkmenistan wants to close its 'Gateway to Hell'

    I just read in the BBC that though it's become one of this country's top visitor attractions, its president has ordered that the perpetually firey gas-drilling Darvaza crater in the Karakorum Desert be finally extinguished for environmental and health reasons, as well as part of an effort to increase gas exports. It's been tried before - can they pull it off this time? Read the article here.  

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  • Think Australia, don't think Down Under, think Top End Paradise -

  • Anyone have any suggestions for a fellow Tripatini member about the best place in INDIA for game drives/safaris? If so, please respond not on this wall but rather at this link to our Ask A Travel Pro forumShukriya! 

  • ‘When a man is riding through this desert by night and for some reason -falling asleep or anything else -he gets separated from his companions and wants to rejoin them, he hears spirit voices talking to him as if they were his companions, sometimes even calling him by name. Often these voices lure him away from the path and he never finds it again, and many travellers have got lost and died because of this. Sometimes in the night travellers hear a noise like the clatter of a great company of riders away from the road; if they believe that these are some of their own company and head for the noise, they find themselves in deep trouble when daylight comes and they realize their mistake. There were some who, in crossing the desert, have seen a host of men coming towards them and, suspecting that they were robbers, returning, they have gone hopelessly astray....Even by daylight men hear these spirit voices, and often you fancy you are listening to the strains of many instruments, especially drums, and the clash of arms. For this reason bands of travellers make a point of keeping very close together. Before they go to sleep they set up a sign pointing in the direction in which they have to travel, and round the necks of all their beasts they fasten little bells, so that by listening to the sound they may prevent them from straying off the path’ Marco Polo was telling me about the murderous obstacle of the great Gobi desert while his eyes wandered, across the vastness down below.

  • I had never even considered travelling to Slovakia or even knew exactly where it appeared on the map....until listed their travel offers at The Club's I really want to go there....and you will too!

    Beautiful Slovakia
  • The Video says it all

  • Hi all! One of our fellow Tripatini members, a Kenyan eco camp, is looking for tips on how to boost occupancy. If you'd like to help, please reply to this link to our Ask A Travel Pro forum.  Thanks!!

  • New! 5 -Day Inca Trail hikes.  Same total distance as the 4-day Inca Trail hike, but offers more time on the trail and more time in the ruins.  Find out if this is the right hike for you.

    Full description

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  • Have you been to Mount Everest? Perhaps you can help a Tripatini member who's considering a trip. His questions are on our Ask A Travel Pro forum:  Thank you. 

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