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4 Tactical Gear Adventure Travelers Must Have

Greetings!Adventure travelling sounds fascinating, but in reality, it is full of risks, and without essential tactical gear, it is hard to survive. Therefore, in this thread, I am going to share one of the most necessary tactical gear with adventure travellers. Here we go:Tactical Backpack It is an essential gear that allows you to carry all necessary stuff in one place and an organized manner. So, you should always pick a durable and easy-to-carry tactical backpack. I usually get tactical gear…

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A guide to climbing majestic Mount Kenya

  Håkon Dahlmo     Kenya's highest mountain (and Africa’s second highest mountain after neighbouring Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro) located within an eponymous national park around the centre of the country, this extinct volcano is estimated to be 2.5 million years old. Time has taken its toll on the former, reducing the peak from around 6,500 meters originally to 5,199 today as well as eroding the crater. Its higher slopes permanently covered in snow, surrounded by 715 square kilometers…

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Turkmenistan wants to close its 'Gateway to Hell'

    I just read in the BBC that though it's become one of this country's top visitor attractions, its president has ordered that the perpetually firey gas-drilling Darvaza crater in the Karakorum Desert be finally extinguished for environmental and health reasons, as well as part of an effort to increase gas exports. It's been tried before - can they pull it off this time? Read the article here.  

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5 questions to ask when choosing a stand-up paddleboard for surfing

A.belloc Invented in Hawaii in the 1940s, stand-up paddle boarding has become especially popular in the last decade, partly because unlike surfing it can be practiced by a broad range of people of all ages and fitness levels. But while most people associate this activity with placid seas and lakes, an increasing number are using them to surf - albeit relatively mild surf, no more than one to two feet high. Most paddle boards are made of fiberglass and are ten to 12 feet long, but there…

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