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Tribeca Cool on the Downtown Sidewalks of Manhattan

 peeterv If whilst strolling along a side street in the downtown New York City neighbourhood of Tribeca (also spelt TriBeCa), taking in the cityscape, you think you might’ve just passed Leonardo DiCaprio, with his head down and slouching under a Yankees cap… have another look – nope, you’re not dreaming – it’s Leo, all right.read post  

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7 essential places to visit on a school trip to Valencia, Spain

  William Warby     Spain's explored third largest city is a splendid choice for student trips from primary school through university - even if it's just a long weekend - as it mixes a wonderfully preserved historic core with modern neighbourhoods (including dramatic contemporary landmarks), fabulous dining, and appealing cultural opportunities - much of it concentrated in a relatively compact centre, making it easy to take it without too much walking. Valencia is especially recommendable…

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Beyond oil & 'ride 'em, cowboy!': Why Dallas is a delight

 Art Wager Here’s a question for you: In which city would you find the USA’s largest arts district? New York City? Los Angeles? Chicago? Perhaps even Washington DC? The answer, you might be surprised to hear, is the third-largest city in Texas: Dallas. With no fewer than 19 blocks of museums, galleries, and exhibitions, the Dallas Arts District is a must for those with art in their hearts – yet another great reason why we’re excited to announce our first-ever direct flight to “the Big D” from…

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3 cities that are European Capitals of Culture in 2022: Kaunas, Novi Sad & Esch-sur-Alzette

  Diliff/Aleksandar Cocek/Visit Luxembourg   Annually since 1985, the cultural poobahs of the European Union have desginated one or more of the continent's cities (and as of 2022 it's three), as Capitals of Culture, focusing on their cultural offerings, allowing them to organize a series of cultural events (many with a strong pan-European dimension); bring in considerable additional revenue; foster urban renewal; and raise their international profiles and images. Since the first one, Athens,…

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  • I went to college in Washington DC many years ago, and have been back a number of times since, but lately it's been quite a while. So just this week I was interested to catch this very recently in the Huffington Post. I'll be going back in exactly one month, so am taking note! https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mistakes-tourists-washington-dc_l_62...
  • Just saw "Uncharted" several days ago - silly but quite a ride (not surprising, since it was adapted from a video game) - but one of the things I especially liked about it was seeing locations in Barcelona - the Sagrada Familia, Montjuich, the Barri Gòtic, Santa Maria del Pi, and so forth! Here's the trailer: https://youtu.be/eHp3MbsCbMg

  • An interesting video put together by reknowned international "pickup" authority Steve Jabba detailing 10 of the world's best cities for single straight guys to pick up girls - many in Eastern Europe, a couple in the USA, and a couple of other surprises!

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  • UERO 2012 is getting closer and closer. All football fans are more than welcome to visit Gdansk next  June-July as a host city of the European Football Championships .
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  • I was in Toronto once in April -- and it snowed. But I had a great time anyway!  Can't wait to go back.
  • Welcome to our new group members.  It is nice to see so many new places added to our list.  It makes me want to get out and explore.   Though know that is not realistic as Toronto's spring and summer traveler's have begun to trickle in.
  • For now, Jare’s Place will represent the City of Toronto.  Please post any questions you have about Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We’ll do our best to find you answers. 

     Any questions...?

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